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Worm Is Green – To Them We Are Only Shadows

And speaking of Icelandic artists – there is also another magnificent new album recorded by the musicians from that island but the band behind it has spent incomparably more years on the scene than our latest hero M-Band. The release is called To Them We Are Only Shadows and it is the fourth album in the discography of Worm Is Green, a group of musicians from Akranes, a small port town on the west coast of Iceland, who have been making music together since the beginning of the century. The LP is full of lovely and peaceful sound that is enriched with the delicate voice of Guðriður Ringsted and the outcome of this mix could be easily compared to the best releases of the British trip hop.

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Shutta – A Little (featuring Evka)

Today we had a little chat with our long time hero Shutta about his brand new song, past experiences and plans for the future.

OSOM: Hi Greg. Your new track brings quite a surprising sound. Your previous songs were rather bass-focused future garage jams whereas ‘A Little’ is a downtempo relaxing composition. How did this happen?

SHUTTA: It was based around a piece of A2 coursework I had to do where I was given poem to compose from. I was lucky for my friend to be in a studio recording her work at this time, so I got her to record some vocals from the lines in the poem. When we recorded it, it was at a BPM around 115, so I decided to try something new and more melodically based.

OSOM: This is the first time you are collaborating with a vocalist, am I right? Did you like this experience?

SHUTTA: I’ve always wanted to work with a vocalist, however it’s quite hard to get everything done in order for it to work out. I definitely enjoyed the experience, we’re looking to do another track over the summer, maybe that’ll be more bass focused.

OSOM: I must admit that Evka has a magnificent voice. That part at the end of the track has something as mighty as Florence Welch’s vocal.

SHUTTA: She really does, we used to be in a rock band called The Homesick Hustlers which is where I got to know her. Her voice has always had a pure quality to it and is powerful too.

OSOM: The Homesick Hustlers presented totally different sound from what you are doing now. What was your responsibility in that band?

SHUTTA: I was the drummer, in a way I think a lot of my influences are from playing in the band. I remember doing regular 4-6 hour practices where the majority of the time the bassist and guitarist and I would just jam together. I think there’s a lot to say about the link between acoustic and digitally made music. It’s quite hard to bring across your natural musical instincts into the digital platform, that’s a reason why I think Burial has done so well, his music is so brilliantly messy.

OSOM: How did you switch from being a drummer in a rock group to being an electronic music producer? Was it Burial’s music that pushed you towards this genre?

SHUTTA: I always produced electronically during my time in the band, I started off in fruity loops, I remember having absolutely no idea what I was doing! I’ve always appreciated acoustic music but electronic music is where I felt I best applied myself to. I remember hearing Burial’s track Endorphin 4 years ago and not really understanding it but at the same time I didn’t not like it. It grew on me and led me to discover his other music. His music didn’t push me into the genre but I would definitely say he’s an influence of mine.

OSOM: And one last question – a little bit less than a year ago you released an EP ‘Messy’. Should we expect a follow-up in the near future?

SHUTTA: Haha, I hope so! I’m in line to releasing The Hum on Future Flavour later this year along with Rotation. I plan to keep very active in producing so hopefully you’ll hear some new sounds from me.


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Meeting by Chance – The One (featuring Cuushe)

It came as a surprise to me to find out about this collaboration. Two artists from distant countries, no sign of previous common activites and absolutely no info on this one (at least nothing google would be able to tell). So where the hell is the connection between Polish musician Marcin Cichy’s solo project Meeting by Chance and Japanese cutie Cuushe?

But let’s leave this question aside and focus on the music. The effect of their collaboration is a magnificent track called The One which has been published just today. The song is a dreamy composition with Cuushe’s sweet voice floating peacefully upon the relaxing beat. Deeply hypnotizing stuff. 

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Elephant – Shapeshifter

It probably happens quite often that a music an artist records could easily serve as a soundtrack to his/her life but I cannot think of a better example than a track called Shapeshifter. The authors, a London-based duo Elephant, have a romantic story to tell and the song they have released few weeks ago is a charming composition full of comforting emotions that would be a perfect addition to it.

But first things first. Elephant is composed of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck who met at a party over three years ago and started making music together. And also falling in love with each other. Full of mutual admiration, they released a debut single and an EP Assembly but before they could take the things to the next level the relationship came to a sudden end. It may have seemed as though everything was lost but once again the strongest feeling of all – love – won. At the end of 2012 they returned into each other’s arms and Shapeshifter is the second track they have published since the reunion. The full-length album is planned for January 2014. Sounds like a fairytale, right?

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Public Service Broadcasting – Inform – Educate – Entertain

The idea behind Public Service Broadcasting is simple yet original – the duo samples sentences from old public information movies and propaganda materials and combines them with guitars, drums, electronic music and even banjo. In this way they intend to teach new generations about the mistakes of the past ones and the effects are amazing.

Band’s aim has been also perfectly described in the title of their debut album – Inform – Educate – Entertain – which was released on the 6th of May. It is definitely one of the most interesting things that have happened in 2013 so far!

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