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Marius Drescher – Cultures

A new day brings yet another youngster who, despite being still in his teens, is ready to conquer the electronic music scene with the excellent sound of his tracks. This time we are talking about German producer Marius Drescher who was born in 1995 and currently lives in Aachen. The reason behind this fuss is his brand new EP What If which includes magnificent tech house beats and we decided to share with you one song from this release – a deep composition called Cultures that will very quickly make you dance.

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Moon Wheel – Eocene

Where you live determines who you become – this is what Moon Wheel says in one of the interviews so who else could he become after moving to Berlin than not an experimental techno master? The question probably remains without an answer but Germany’s capital city was not the only influence in Olle Holmberg’s life. The musician grew up in Sweden and then spent seven years in the completely different musical climate of Melbourne where he was part of an electronic group called Pissypaw.

But now he is back in Europe and has released another track just today. It is titled Eocene and presents the perfect sound of the raw techno. Exactly what we expect from Berlin’s independent artists.

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Aebeloe – Forma

Natal Zaks is a 22-year-old Danish producer who lives in Aarhus where he is studying electronic composition at The Royal Academy of Music. Sounds impressive, right? And so does his music! Despite the fact that he is still very young, Natal has already published music under many different names and also collaborated with other musicians but the latest work – an EP called Manon – has been produced with the name Aebeloe which is his main alias. The track that is an absolute standout of this release is Forma, a magnificent melodic techno tune of perfect-length for this type of music.


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Gabriel Ananda & Alice Rose – Eternity EP

This release is for those of you who are attracted to some degree to deep house tracks but would listen to them more if they were accompanied by some proper vocals. This is exactly what Eternity, an EP released just today via Manual Music, presents. It has been recorded by two artists based in Germany and although they concentrate rather on solo careers, the beginning of their collaboration dates back to 2001! The guy behind the beat is Gabriel Ananda, an experienced techno master from Cologne, whereas this amazing girl, whose strong voice is magnificently harmonized with electronic music, is Danish-born Alice Rose. Play it loud!

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Ninjatron – Nanogitlers

Not that long ago we mentioned one of the techno masters from Argentina (Ramiro Larrain) but we could not possibly expect then that after just few weeks we will be writing about yet another great music producer from this country. However, after listening to Nanogitlers it became clear that we cannot omit such a perfect tune that proves that South American electronic music scene hides many treasures.

The author of the track is Ninjatron whose real name is Juan Milanese. This Adrogué-based artist is actually really prolific musician as Nanogitlers comes from the EP called Virtuosso which is the fifth one published this year! And few interesting facts from the past: Juan used to create comics and also studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Buenos Aires. Really talented guy!

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