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Trust – Rescue, Mister

In 2012 we described Trust‘s sound as one of the most intriguing dark synthpops there areNow we have to look for some new terms as the brand new single Rescue, Mister brings a drastic change in style. There is still that synthpop taste with a bit of disturbing mood but in general the music is surprisingly upbeat and… danceable! The reason? Trust is no longer a duo – it is now a solo project of Robert Alfons who will release a full-length album called Joyland in March and just to be clear: he is doing more than well without Maya Postepski.

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Sloww Lyfe – Missed Connections

A label called Memory No. 36 does not follow any trends of the modern music business. They like to do things in their own way and that means a pretty retro one. The releases they are putting out are sold on cassettes and their artworks resemble the ones from the times of the first graphic programs. One of the most recent positions in their catalogue is a debut self-titled EP from a guy called Sloww Lyfe who combines lo-fi synth sounds with his vocal and the most astonishing effect of this mix has derived in Missed Connections, a track that opens the whole thing. This song is surprisingly optimistic and at some moments it simply bursts out with a joyful tone which reminds me very much of M83 tracks. Could this be some synth-inspired Anthony Gonzalez’ embodiment from the ’80s?

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We draw A – Glimpse

Polish electropop is doing pretty well recently. Last year has seen releases from excellent Kamp! and rising act called Fair Weather Friends, this year so far belongs to We draw A.

The duo is based in Wrocław and their debut EP has been just released through Kamp!’s label – Brennnessel Records. Glimpse is an amazing track that opens the EP with a deep beat and catchy vocals from Peve Lety, one of the members who is also a part of a band called Indigo Tree.

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Child Actor – New Life

Child Actor is yet another boy/girl duo to appear here but they do it well, so why shouldn’t they? And they are not siblings or lovers or friends. They are cousins, deal with that!

Their debut album, Victory, will be released in around three weeks from now and New Life is one of the songs that is included in the tracklist. It is an enjoyable track with some surprising synth beats.

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Lazerhawk – Visitors

Lazerhawk (real name: Garrett Hays) is a founder of Rosso Corsa Records, label releasing music inspired by the movies and sounds of the ’80s.

Hays’ second album – Visitors – has been released just few months ago and contains experimenting with few more music genres than his debut but obviously synth and disco from the previous decades dominate. You think you will not like it? Think again!

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