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Stromae – Racine Carrée

Everybody has his/her own guilty pleasure and mine is this amusing Belgian producer called Stromae. It has been three years since the release of his extremely enjoyable and light-hearted debut album Cheese and now the follow-up, preceded by the singles published in May and June, has seen the light of the day with the name Racine Carrée.

The new album is again the collection of joyful tracks with some really interesting moments. It opens with a bit pompous tune called Ta Fête and the tracklist also contains the tribute to Cesária Évora (Ave Cesaria) and a song with heavier beat and grime flavour to it – Humain à l’eau (starts at 2:00):

So do not hesitate, go and buy it for yourselves to find out which track appeals to you the most!

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Presenting: Paul Van Haver

Paul Van Haver. You are probably wondering right now who the hell is this guy. But actually there is a huge chance that you have heard his song many times during the summer 2010. His nickname is Stromae. Sounds familiar but still nothing? OK, let me tell you that that song is his biggest hit which was played all around the world and is called Alors On Danse. Everything clear, right?

Alors On Danse is probably the only Stromae’s song you know and that is a huge pity. His debut (and only) album, which the hit comes from, is called Cheese and features over 40 minutes of interesting dance music with unforgettable vocals sung in French by Paul himself.

It is two years since the release of Cheese so maybe it is high time for a new LP? I cannot wait!

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