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Helfer – Air Drops EP

Helfer, an Israeli singer-songwriter and producer, has an experience of being a part of electronic rock band Kitzu, folktronica group Folo and also supporting the popular hip hop act Why?. Just yesterday the artist presented an excellent debut EP called Air Drops which shows his huge potential as a solo musician. The release has been published by BLDG5 Records and it will take you on the journey through the peaceful sound, calming vocal and unexpected beats. Because as soon as you start thinking you may have heard something like this before, Helfer proves that you are completely wrong.

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Oyinda – Before The Fall EP

Let us start with the label. HNDMD has been founded by Brad Vautour in Boston and it is both an independent imprint and a collective gathering electronic music artists. The newest musician to join this family is magnificent Oyinda.

Before The Fall is her debut release and with three excellent tracks it presents artist’s own vision of pop. And that means very deep and subtle music with hypnotizing vocals. Amazing stuff!



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Presenting: Rangleklods

In our cycle OSoM presents we took a short trip from Sweden to Denmark, where me met Esben Andersen, a graduate of Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus who is performing and producing music under the name Rangleklods.

Esben released his first material exactly a year ago – it was an EP called Home. Although it included only few tracks, Rangleklods’ unusual concept of electronic music and strong voice caused a lot of interest. Only few months later, his debut album – Beekeeper –  was ready. It includes ten diverse compositions – from brisk Riverbed or Puzzlehead to melancholic closing track – which only proves how talented artist Andersen is. We may be on a verge of a big career here!

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