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AL-90 – CODE-915913

Fuselab, a label that is a home to OSOM favourites Galun and Ishome, seems to have rebranded itself. There is a new logo, website and apparently also a new musical direction. Fortunately – and most importantly – the change is not drastic as their releases still possess that appealing factor that have been making the previous ones particularly valuable and it is proved by the newest position in their catalogue which is a full-length album CODE-915913 by Russian artist AL-90.

The Murmansk-based musician debuted last year with an album for UK label Reckno in which he presented his interpretation of house music which is now known as so called post-house or tape-house. This fresh genre is characterized by deep and dreamy compositions with beats that are somehow slightly muted to create a peaceful atmosphere. Have a listen below!

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Nuage – Simple Story

It has been a while since we last got a drum and bass track here but just today we were given a good reason to come back to this genre – an excellent song from Russian producer Nuage has been published. It is called Simple Story and will be included in the EP So Long that is set to be released on the 4th of November. Alongside with the debut album that came out back in March, this is going to be already the second release this year by this Saint Petersburg-based artist. But well, good music is always welcomed, right?

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Galun – Smithers

When Sergey Galunenko, a Russian producer currently signed to Fuselab label, uses a name Galun, it means that he is doing those abstract yet magnificent things with his voice again. But unlike Holly Herndon, who seems to be the first association in such a case, Sergey manages to process the voice so much that without knowing it you would never suspect that his tracks have a beatbox background.

This Moscow-based musician has just released yet another album in his career. This one is called Smithers and it is a very atmospheric ambient record with influences from many other electronic music genres.

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Love-Fine – Black Sunglasses

Love-Fine. They’re Russian, they’re from the city of Kazan (where – more or less – the Beginning of Big Nothing lies) and they’re definitely loud. You’ve probably never heard of them. And that’s a shame.

As for today, they’ve only released one album (Beat Yourself )  which is actually not that long. However, it is long enough to be able to fall in love with catchy Russian accent of the vocalist and massive rhythms of the music. They’ve created a perfect mix of electro, rock and electroclash. And all packed with the ‘noise’ sticker on it.

Just try it.

(They do look a bit… hm, Russian in this video, don’t they?)

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