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Slight Sound Savage – Is Art Money (Adrien De Valentin Remix)

DhARMA is an independent label founded by a pair of young lovers from Ireland who look for music that is dreamy, electronic and alternative. One of the latest artists to fulfill this requirement is a Paris-based producer Slight Sound Savage but it would be deeply unfair to use only three words to describe his new track called Is Art Music. It starts with a chillwavish melody that is shortly joined by a percussion beat to create a peaceful instrumental composition. But then, just before the third minute of the song, vocal samples appear out of nowhere to give Is Art Music the second life.

The version we are presenting below is a fantastic remix done by Slight Sound Savage’s labelmate Adrien De Valentin but do not forget to check out the original version of the track.

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Moby & Mark Lanegan – The Lonely Night (Moby’s January 14 Remix)

Do you remember Michael Mayer’s remix of Hauschka’s song called Radar? We have something really similar for you. This time, however, it is The Lonely Night, a track that has been prepared by two great musicians of different genres – Moby and Mark Lanegan – for this year’s Record Store Day.

The version we are presenting is a wonderful melancholic rework made by Moby himself. Due to the characteristic sounds of piano, this remix resembles in some way a song Study War from Moby’s album Wait for Me (2009). If you are currently struggling with something, close your eyes, lay down and play this composition quietly.

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Beryoza – Russian Ghetto Compilation Vol. 1

Russian Ghetto Compilation would not have been recorded if Vtgnike had not released his Vanity of Nothingless two years ago. With that album he created a new subgenre in Russian underground electronic scene – juke based on Soviet pop from the ’90s. Sounds crazy but actually it had a huge social meaning for some local artists and two of them – DJ Azamat and Raumskaya – decided to create Beryoza community. Then they invited producers from all over Russia to rework pop melodies from the past and give them the ghetto-music sound.

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The xx – Chained (John Talabot & Pional Blinded Remix)

We know that John Talabot really likes working with his fellow beatmaker Pional. We also know that they have been supporting the xx on their tour. Both of those facts explain the release of Chained‘s remix. It was recently played by Jamie Smith on his Boiler Room session, now it can be streamed from youtube. And yes, this is Blinded by The Lights you hear there.

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Björk – Bastards

Today is the premiere of the third remix album by Björk. And although all of the songs included in Bastards have been already released in The Crystalline Series or Biophilia Remix Series, OSoM strongly recommends to check out this compilation to listen to magnificent reworks done by Omar Souleyman, Matthew Herbert, Death Grips and others.

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