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Shanaz Dorsett – Don’t Let Me

Shanaz Dorsett is a Londoner in her twenties who debuted in 2010 with an EP Above The Clouds in which she sang over the beats made by legendary DJ Premier of Gang Starr. Later on she began working with Remot and EOM, two American producers. Don’t Let Me is a soulful r&b jam that resulted from the collaboration with the latter one who provided a perfectly delicate beat which together with Dorsett’s amazing vocal performance creates a wonderful track.

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Tev’n – Solitude

The man responsible for creating Solitude mixtape is a London-based contemporary r&b producer Tev’n who has come back to business with a shorter name (he was previously known as Tev’n Kennedy) but it turns out that he will never lower his standards as far as music is concerned. Even though some tracks from this mini-album are still rather short demo versions, they are as interesting as the regular songs with the vocals from this release due to their amazingly well-produced beats. I cannot wait to see what Tev’n will come up with in 2014!


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Denitia and Sene. – His and Hers.

Yes, this may be another boy/girl electronic duo but one thing makes Denitia and Sene.‘s music particularly valuable – both members contribute to vocals which is definitely not a common case. The pair met in Brooklyn few years ago when Sene, originally a rapper, was looking for someone to sing hooks on his tracks but after some time it turned out that together they can achieve much more.

And His and Hers., their first full-length release, seems to prove it. This album is packed with delicate beats and diversity of emotions. Absolute must-hear in 2013!


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Kyson – Missing Things

The man hiding behind the name Kyson is Jian Kellet Liew who was born in Adelaide but currently resides in Berlin. He has just shared with the world a track called Missing Things which will appear on his new album The Water’s Way that is supposed to be released at the end of September.

The LP will reportedly reflect the long and harsh European winter but you would not guess that after listening to Missing Things as the song is a dreamy and actually rather warm connection of R&B and electronic music.

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Beacon – The Ways We Separate

Few weeks ago I described Project Maldonado as a darker version of the subtle duo Rhye. With Beacon it is not that simple but I would place them somewhere in the middle. Their music is rather sweet but there is something intriguing in the melodies that gets you actually involved in the listening to their brand new debut album The Ways We Separate.

The duo consists of Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett who met each other at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute where they studied sculpture and painting. As you see, their background is not obvious but maybe that is the key to the sound they are creating. Art at its best!

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