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The Knife – För alla namn vi inte får använda

It turns out that The Knife‘s contribution to the antinational cabaret called Europa Europa resulted in the release of the regular track and by saying ‘regular’ I mean it possesses all of the following elements – vocal parts, characteristic for this Swedish duo sound and acceptable running time. In few words – it does not resemble Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realized at all. But there are things that have not changed since Shaking The HabitualFör alla namn vi inte får använda is heavily influenced by politics and it features yet another crazy dance that we are supposed to learn to fully enjoy the music. Well, good luck with that!

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Sawtuha Compilation

What else could we expect from Olof Dreijer after the release of Shaking The Habitual if not getting involved in another difficult social issue? This time, however, it is not about gender ideology or fighting against extreme wealth but the main concern is the situation of women in Arabic countries (but maybe it is all connected in some way?). To give them a chance to speak their minds, a two-week session in Tunis was organised during which nine female musicians from Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia were joined by Olof and Oddisee to record a compilation called Sawtuha. Listen to effects below:

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