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Orquesta – Qingming

Every time Orquesta publishes a new track, it feels like the first day of summer. And with Qingming, released just today, it is exactly the same. This instrumental beauty will take you far away to the warm beaches of the Caribbean Islands, Bahamas or wherever else you would like to go. Just close your eyes and let this Irish genius charm you with his music!

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Orquesta – Voyage

It is very good to see that our favorite is doing really well. Orquesta, extraordinary digital cumbia artist, has just published a new track called Voyage and it contains everything we love in Orlando’s sound – characteristic tropical beat combined with electronic background. And this time, there is also one additional feature – catchy vocal sample. Enjoy!

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Presenting: Orquesta

Orquesta – Cycle One: An Exoplanetary Forest (live album)

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Orquesta – Cycle One: An Exoplanetary Forest (live album)

Imagine a situation – the xx leave UK and settle somewhere in the Caribbean Islands. Are you wondering how such a combination would sound like? You do not need to anymore! Orquesta‘s music is a perfect answer.

We have mentioned this Dublin-based project of Orlando Fitzgerald a while ago and now it seems that it was taken to the higher level. Amazing live performance at The Grand Social in Dublin proves that Orlando has created an extraordinary style exactly when people started thinking that they have already seen everything. So, do not hesitate – go to Orquesta’s facebook page and download a live album called Cycle One: An Exoplanetary Forest which was recorded at this gig!

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Presenting: Orquesta

Orlando Fitzgerald, Dublin based DJ, producer and founder of Meles Meles label record, started working on his project called Orquesta  two years ago. Effects can be seen now.

Kokomo, amazing cover of The Beach Boys’ hit from the ’80s, is Orquesta’s breakthrough song after which you are so addicted that you start looking for more. When you do, you find some relaxing tropical compositions like Celestial or Los Rapidos. And there are many more and many more still to come.

Orquesta’s soundcloud profile where you can listen to other tracks and (in many cases) download them – here.

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