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Nowhere Society – Through The Fog

I once said that you never know what to expect when Nowhere Society publish new music and they keep on proving that this statement is right. The style of the fresh song is more or less similar to what the last one presented – namely a relaxing downtempo beat – but the surprise strikes from the different side. We do not hear Grace’s voice in this track and instead of that the vocal parts have been taken from Nina Simone’s My Man’s Gone Now. So what is coming next from this Australian duo? There is only one thing we can be sure of – it will be worth listening to!


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Nowhere Society – 7am Central Station

It is the third time I am writing about Nowhere Society this year but it does not mean that you can assume you know what is coming. Well, this would be a huge mistake as this Australian duo is presenting different sound with every new track and the trend continues with 7am Central Station. Their last song, Find North, pleased us with the intensive beat but it contains almost no vocals. This time, however, the band decided to create a chill downtempo composition that shows the entire beauty of Grace’s voice supported by the delicate music in the background.

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Nowhere Society – Find North

Remember Nowhere Society? This Australian duo charmed us few months ago with excellent electropop track Gyres and they were supposed to be back with new music really soon. Well, it took them some time but fortunately two songs from the new EP have been already published.

The brand new one, which has been made available just two days ago, is called Find North and it brings a bit surprising sound compared to previous release. This time the music is more intense and concentrated on the heavier beat with Grace singing only few lines in the third minute of the track (which – together with the drop that comes directly after this part – may actually be the best moment of the song).

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Nowhere Society – Gyres

Nowhere Society is a newly emerged boy/girl duo from Australia  and Gyres is a fantastic track taken from their first ever release – this year’s EP called A Lucid Escape. It is a classy electropop song where Grace’s deep voice meets perfect electronic beats created by Aaron.

And more good news from Sydney – Nowhere Society is about to publish yet another EP, this time called Finding North. Look out for this guys, they are doing really well!

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