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Niomi Eve – Sounds You Made

Exactly a month ago Crossing Lines, a compilation album from NX Records, has seen the light of a day and it brought an amazing collection of tracks created by artists associated with the particular area of London – namely New Cross and Deptford. One of the songs that impressed me the most was a beautiful contemporary ballad Sounds You Made recorded by Niomi Eve.

The artist herself describes her music as minimal love songs written on a piano, performed electronically and after listening to Sounds You Made you will find out that when Niomi says minimal she really means it – the sound is extremely delicate and humble but it does not stop the track from being packed with emotions underlined by a sensational voice.

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Deetron – Bright City Lights (featuring Fritz Kalkbrenner)

We all know what happens when Fritz Kalkbrenner contributes his vocals to the fine techno beat – either we get a minimal anthem of the decade (Sky and Sand) or become addicted to the melancholy of the tune like in the case of Sascha Funke’s Now You Know in which Fritz appears at the very end of the track but that short part is still awesome enough to make you come back and wait for this moment again and again. And the list goes on – he has been also featured on the songs produced by Alexander Kowalski or Chopstick & Johnjon, not to mention the younger of the Kalkbrenner’s own compositions that include his deep voice.

History repeats itself with a brand new track that sees Fritz collaborating with another talented producer – Swiss artist Sam Geiser who is known as Deetron. With the years of experience in DJing and making music, a freshly released album Music Over Matter is just the second one in his career (which has started way back in the ’90s) but it does not mean that any of the new songs lacks something. In fact, there would not be this great atmosphere in Bright City Lights, if it were not for the excellent skills of Deetron. And if you do not necessarily fall for the majesty of  Fritz’s voice, we have good news for you – Music Over Matter brings some other amazing guest appearances, including Hercules and Love Affair or Ben Westbeech.

A short remark for the stats fanatics – yes, Deetron is a fifth Zürich resident to appear on OSoM this year.

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Kalabrese – Independent Dancer

Sascha Winkler, Swiss musician, began his adventure with music by playing drums in a hip hop group called Sendak. However, at the end of the ’90s, he left the band to start a solo career in electronic music and took a name Kalabrese.

Independent Dancer arrives as Winkler’s only second full length album which may not seem much for over ten years but he is far away from being a lazy man – Kalabrese is a producer, DJ, promoter, he owns a club and tours the world with the Rumpelorchestra. The music that he has prepared for the brand new album is again an unusual mix of house and minimal that can be really addictive.

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DJ Koze – Track ID Anyone? (featuring Caribou)

We need to eat, we need to sleep and we need… music. And DJ Koze will provide us with some new beats!

The words from the first sentence can be heard at the beginning of Track ID Anyone?, a single promoting Amygdala which will be DJ Koze’s first album since 2005. Guest list looks impressive – it includes Apparat, Matthew Dear, Caribou (whose vocal can be heard on the presented here track) and more. We had to wait 8 years for this but everything indicates that it was worth waiting for.

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Maya Jane Coles – Easier To Hide

Easier To Hide is an EP that lets us understand what Maya Jane Coles has prepared for her upcoming full-length album. Deep melodies with soulful vocals – looks like Maya has found a perfect way to steal our hearts with her music.

As for now, you can buy it on Beatport, later on it will be available from Coles’ label – I Am Me.

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