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MeLo-X – GOD: EPs

How is MeLo-X doing? It turns out that this NY-based musician, who is definitely one of our favorite hip hop artists, is now involved in releasing the trilogy of EPs called GOD. So far two parts have been published (LoFi and HiFi) and they include best-quality rapping as well as amazing beats produced not only by MeLo-X himself but also his friends like AbJo or Tom Richman. The third piece will be called WiFi and it is supposed to help the artist in finally becoming internationally known and respected. Well, I do hope this will happen!

And hey, both EPs that have been already released can be downloaded for free!

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Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – Zulu Guru

Do you remember MeLo-X? Now he is also involved in a collaboration project with Jesse Boykins III and their first album – Zulu Guru – has been released on legendary Ninja Tune label just few days ago.

The LP combines the best skills from both artists – MeLo-X’s hip hop and electronic music with Jesse’s soul and r&b. This is the recipe that guarantees a great album!

You can buy Zulu Guru directly from Ninja Tune’s site.

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Presenting: MeLo-X

MeLo-X is everything you can imagine – DJ, producer and musician but also photographer and engineer. His releases includes original compositions as well as many remixed or reworked materials of other artists. All very much into hip hop and electronic music.

What drew my attention, however, was cover of a song we all know – Lana ‘Pumped Up Lips’ Del Rey’s Video Games. This version sounds as though it was taken out of the magnificent album We’re New Here including Gil Scott Heron’s tracks reworked by Jamie xx.

When you are done with this song on ‘replay mode’, do not forget to check out his other tracks. They deserve attention.

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