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Beryoza – Russian Ghetto Compilation Vol. 1

Russian Ghetto Compilation would not have been recorded if Vtgnike had not released his Vanity of Nothingless two years ago. With that album he created a new subgenre in Russian underground electronic scene – juke based on Soviet pop from the ’90s. Sounds crazy but actually it had a huge social meaning for some local artists and two of them – DJ Azamat and Raumskaya – decided to create Beryoza community. Then they invited producers from all over Russia to rework pop melodies from the past and give them the ghetto-music sound.

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Young Smoke – Destroy Him My Robots

David Davis (Young Smoke) is just an 18-year-old DJ based in Chicago and connected to its famous juke and footwork scene. If you wonder what kind of genre is that, the answer is simple – it is the music that requires very fast and rapid footwork so that you almost do not touch the ground. Probably that is why Davis calls himself ‘Flight Muzik Producer’.

Anyway, Destroy Him My Robots is a song that is included in Young Smoke’s debut album named Space Zone. Just try dancing to it…

You can buy the whole album or any particular song here.

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