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Kit Pop – Move

Kit Pop is a self-taught producer from Perth whose ambition does not let him rest without doing something productive beforehand. He started his adventure with creating music over a decade ago and since then not only has he released a bunch of decent tracks and played some festivals but also founded Paper Chain label to help fellow talents from the local electronic music scene.

Just today Kit Pop has dropped a new EP called Rose Star. The release includes this amazing song Move which explores the party potential of Basement Jaxx’s hit Do Your Thing.

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Leif – Dinas Oleu

Leif Knowles, a Welsh producer performing simply under the name Leif, is a truly experienced musician as for the past 10 years he has released over 20 of singles and EPs, run a vinyl label UntilMyHeartStops and been a resident DJ at the Freerotation festival. But until now, there was one major thing missing in his rich CV – a full-length album. Fortunately things have changed and a debut LP called Dinas Oleu dropped yesterday.

The album has been named after a land in Wales and it indeed brings the atmosphere of hazy Welsh meadows but this record is far away from being just a regular ambient/chill release. There are more genres that play a role here, including mainly techno and house but you can also spot a sound of celtic harp played by Leif’s father! Everything together creates a great album but after so many years of making music at the highest level it just had to end up in this way.


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Deetron – Bright City Lights (featuring Fritz Kalkbrenner)

We all know what happens when Fritz Kalkbrenner contributes his vocals to the fine techno beat – either we get a minimal anthem of the decade (Sky and Sand) or become addicted to the melancholy of the tune like in the case of Sascha Funke’s Now You Know in which Fritz appears at the very end of the track but that short part is still awesome enough to make you come back and wait for this moment again and again. And the list goes on – he has been also featured on the songs produced by Alexander Kowalski or Chopstick & Johnjon, not to mention the younger of the Kalkbrenner’s own compositions that include his deep voice.

History repeats itself with a brand new track that sees Fritz collaborating with another talented producer – Swiss artist Sam Geiser who is known as Deetron. With the years of experience in DJing and making music, a freshly released album Music Over Matter is just the second one in his career (which has started way back in the ’90s) but it does not mean that any of the new songs lacks something. In fact, there would not be this great atmosphere in Bright City Lights, if it were not for the excellent skills of Deetron. And if you do not necessarily fall for the majesty of  Fritz’s voice, we have good news for you – Music Over Matter brings some other amazing guest appearances, including Hercules and Love Affair or Ben Westbeech.

A short remark for the stats fanatics – yes, Deetron is a fifth Zürich resident to appear on OSoM this year.

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Bufi & La Royale – Watch Out

Ready for the modern Mexican fiesta? Well, you’d better be as the sound of this joyful disco music will hit you really hard just after you click the ‘play’ button below and the guys to blame are two artists based in Mexico City. The first one is Mateo Gonzalez Bufi (simply known as Bufi) who has already been a recognized producer and remixer with his tracks being published via many different labels including a popular French imprint Kitsuné. And speaking of labels – even though the second of the artists responsible for Watch Out was born in the ’90s, has has already founded one – called Electrique Music – on his own. His real name is Alec Sander and although he has been hiding under many different aliases throughout the years, for this collaboration he used a moniker La Royale.

So, do not think twice – wear your party shoes and get ready to dance!

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Marius Drescher – Cultures

A new day brings yet another youngster who, despite being still in his teens, is ready to conquer the electronic music scene with the excellent sound of his tracks. This time we are talking about German producer Marius Drescher who was born in 1995 and currently lives in Aachen. The reason behind this fuss is his brand new EP What If which includes magnificent tech house beats and we decided to share with you one song from this release – a deep composition called Cultures that will very quickly make you dance.

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