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Cuzzy Q – Late Bloomer

I guess it is high time to present some decent rapping here, don’t you think? It will be brought to us by Cuzzy Q, a 19-year-old artist from Chicago, who among his hip hop peers has been the last one to publish a proper project – hence the title of the album is Late Bloomer. But I don’t see anything wrong in taking one’s time to hone his craft in order to eventually come up with something extraordinary. This is exactly what happened in the case of this American artist as Late Bloomer is full of potential that is ready to explode in the near future. And then, who knows, maybe the Q in Cuzzy Q will be as valuable as the one in Q-Tip’s nickname?

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Presenting: Ashnikko

Ashnikko is a musical moniker of Ashton Casey, a girl from North Carolina who is just eighteen years old but already raps like a pro. She is currently honing her craft in Riga, Latvia (pretty unobvious place to move to from the USA, isn’t it?) and if her extreme talent will keep on evolving, this cute hip-hop-beast will achieve a lot.

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Sawtuha Compilation

What else could we expect from Olof Dreijer after the release of Shaking The Habitual if not getting involved in another difficult social issue? This time, however, it is not about gender ideology or fighting against extreme wealth but the main concern is the situation of women in Arabic countries (but maybe it is all connected in some way?). To give them a chance to speak their minds, a two-week session in Tunis was organised during which nine female musicians from Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia were joined by Olof and Oddisee to record a compilation called Sawtuha. Listen to effects below:

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Fris – Mood (featuring DooF)

Do you remember the background of the Zerolex’s track called Home? Well, history likes to repeat itself and here is just another proof as Mood is also an effect of the intercontinental collaboration and the genre is exactly the same. In this case the beatmaker is a Belgian producer Fris (which in Dutch means ‘fresh’) and the rapper is an American teenager from Virginia whose nickname is DooF. The song itself is a really enjoyable blend of chill beat and some decent rapping so get ready because you will end up listening to it more than once!

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Kweku Collins – Wierdo

It would not be surprising for anyone to read that the genre that appears on OSoM is mostly electronic music but probably some of you have noticed that soul or hip hop like sounds have also made it here from time to time. That is why I was more than happy to discover Wierdo, a debut release from Chicago-based teenager Kweku Collins.

The artist is just 16 years old but has already managed to find a perfect balance between elements of rap, soul and hip hop. Kweku has found his musical home at The Dope Supremacy which is a collective of skateboarders, musicians and artists and on some tracks he used the help from other producers (Jack MKZ, Adam Rubman and Dazed for Daze) but I am sure that with time this boy will be able to achieve really big things even on his own.

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