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Willis Earl Beal – Coming Through (featuring Cat Power)

Two singles from the upcoming album of Willis Earl Beal have been already released but it is the third one that got me excited the most. It is not because the previous ones were disappointing – because they were not at all – but I guess this is the way the artist tried to build the tension around his album Nobody Knows – namely by publishing the new songs with each one being more expressive than the other.

It all started with minimalistic ballad Everything unwinds and just one month later the pulsing and bluesy Too Dry To Cry was published. Those two tracks clearly indicated that Willis got rid of the lo-fi sound of his debut album Acousmatic Sorcery (well, after all, it is XL Recordings studio that he has been recently using) but fortunately emotions are still present in his music. The third single is called Coming Through and it brings vocal appearance of Cat Power but the fact that is even more surprising is that this track actually sounds… optimistic which in case of Beal is not a common thing.

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Sola Rosa – Low and Behold, High and Beyond

From one-man project, Sola Rosa has evolved into live collective which now has over 10 years of experience in recording and performing music. In their case ‘music’ means relaxing mixture of soul, funk and hip-hop.

Low and Behold, High and Beyond is fifth album in their discography, released just few weeks ago. It contains many guest appearances from artists who provide magnificent vocals to Sola Rosa’s sounds. Great example is first single from the album – Spinning Top – where L.A. Mitchell sings.

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