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Autrenoir – Nuit

Remember Mondkopf? This master of monumental and dark techno is back after last year’s album Hadès but he is not alone now – for a new project called Autrenoir he has joined forces with a fellow Frenchman Greg Buffier. This is not the first time these two cooperate as Mondkopf has already released a collaborative track Last Love which was recorded back in 2012 together with Saåad, a drone duo in which Buffier plays guitar.

Although Autrenoir have even played some gigs in the past, Nuit is their first ever officially published song. It is a deep and brain stimulating composition with majestic atmosphere that accumulates slowly towards the end of the track and eventually turns into a disturbing drone structure. To immerse fully into this dark world of instrumental electronic music, you should listen to Nuit while watching the fantastic accompanying video that has been made by As Human Pattern.

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Nekochan – Bloodyful EP

Nekochan is a French artist whose real name is Chloé and whose diverse sound has been influenced by many different (and surprising) factors over the years. Not only was she a part of an electronic duo before eventually concentrating on her solo career in 2006, but she is also a classically trained cellist and draws inspiration from oriental music, baroque compositions and… flamenco!

The list of inspirations is probably bigger and so is the number of styles that we can hear on Bloodyful. There is a bit of everything – from bass to glitch – but there is one more thing that makes this EP a really valuable release. And that is Nekochan’s wonderful voice which in slower tracks sounds totally Björkish.

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