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Argy & Mama – Dominonation

Although Dominonation is a first ever album by Argy & Mama, both members of this thrilling duo are far away from being newcomers to the music industry. A male part of the band is Argyris Theofilis, a Greek DJ and producer who, after moving to London in 2004, debuted with an EP exactly ten years ago and since then has risen to international fame with his releases being published by worthy labels like Cocoon or Permanent Vacation. His partner in crime is Simone Ogunbunmi, UK-native artist who is not just a vocalist but has also produced several tracks for the album. She happens to be mates with Kele Okereke and was opening for him during one of the tours. As Mama she has also contributed vocals for compositions from Tiefschwarz, Munk, Catz ‘n Dogz and more.

The pair met in Berlin and decided to join forces. The effects can be heard on Dominonation which has been released just last week on prestigious BPitch Control label. It is a collection of eleven tracks presenting different approaches at house music but all of them are at the highest possible level of quality which makes this album a truly enjoyable listen.

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Worm Is Green – To Them We Are Only Shadows

And speaking of Icelandic artists – there is also another magnificent new album recorded by the musicians from that island but the band behind it has spent incomparably more years on the scene than our latest hero M-Band. The release is called To Them We Are Only Shadows and it is the fourth album in the discography of Worm Is Green, a group of musicians from Akranes, a small port town on the west coast of Iceland, who have been making music together since the beginning of the century. The LP is full of lovely and peaceful sound that is enriched with the delicate voice of Guðriður Ringsted and the outcome of this mix could be easily compared to the best releases of the British trip hop.

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Presenting: lishuen

Li Shuen (using simply lishuen as her moniker) is yet another talented artist from the amazing Singaporean music scene. Being just eighteen years old, she has already started producing music in 2012 which resulted in releasing a conceptual mini-album called A Respected Member of Society. It perfectly defines her primary style – experimental compositions based on piano and filled with moody vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Her more recent sound, however, has shifted towards the electronic music. Li’s latest tracks are magnificent dream pop/downtempo songs which still perfectly matches her voice and piano accents. Have a listen below and get ready to fall in love with this delicate music!

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Fickle Friends – Swim

Fickle Friends, a 5-piece band from Brighton, decided to mark the beginning of the new year with a release of their first ever single and after listening to Swim, published on the very first day of 2014, you will realize that it would be hard to imagine a better start. The track is a light-hearted pop song that brings this enjoyable feel of summer that last year has been provided by Bipolar Sunshine. If you are looking for something that would get you out of bed during cold and foggy mornings, the choice should be very easy now.

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Gabriel Ananda & Alice Rose – Eternity EP

This release is for those of you who are attracted to some degree to deep house tracks but would listen to them more if they were accompanied by some proper vocals. This is exactly what Eternity, an EP released just today via Manual Music, presents. It has been recorded by two artists based in Germany and although they concentrate rather on solo careers, the beginning of their collaboration dates back to 2001! The guy behind the beat is Gabriel Ananda, an experienced techno master from Cologne, whereas this amazing girl, whose strong voice is magnificently harmonized with electronic music, is Danish-born Alice Rose. Play it loud!

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