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Emika – Let’s Dance

Wow, this is amazing! Rolling Stone invited the queen of dark electronic music and our absolute favorite Emika to contribute her version of one David Bowie’s songs for the compilation prepared for this year’s big anniversary celebrations. Her choice turns out to be the big hit Let’s Dance and the effects are astonishing which just proves how extremely creative Ema is. Have a listen below:

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Emika – Dva

Although there is an obvious reason why Emika‘s brand new LP is called Dva, I would rather add one more letter to it and name it Diva as after listening to it for a whole day I have no more doubts – this lady is the true diva of electronic music.

The album brings as many as fifteen subtle tracks filled with Ema’s thrilling voice and top-quality music, this time with even more classical references in it. Get ready to drown in this ocean of emotions!

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Emika – Searching

Not that long ago we enjoyed ourselves with a first single from the upcoming Emika‘s album Dva, now we are more than happy to announce that a second single – magnificent Searching – is available. It will be released on the 15th of April and you can pre-order it here.

This track just proves what we knew after Wicked Game – Emika’s second album is going to be awesome!

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Emika – Wicked Game

Emika, the queen of subtle and dark electronic music, is back for good! Although she does not belong to the group of artists who rarely publish new tracks, we are really thrilled to know that her second album will be released on the 10th of June.

And yes, there is a single. A beautiful one. Wicked Game, a cover of Chris Isaak’s greatest hit, will win over your hearts.

You can get Wicked Game for free and pre-order the album here.

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Video Of The Month: April ’12

April’s Video Of The Month title goes to Emika (one of the hottest debuts of 2011, straight from Ninja Tune label) & The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble for their stunning live version of Pretend. 

The authors of the video, which was recorded in May 2011 in Brugge, were able to capture what would seem impossible to be captured – pure beauty of music.

Do yourselves a favor and play it in the best quality and in the full screen mode.

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