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Pre-listen: The/Das – Freezer

Although Freezer, debut album from The/Das, will be internationally released in two weeks time, thanks to the kindness of Sinnbus Records I was given a chance to listen to it few months earlier. But should we really call this a ‘debut’? After all, this is not the first album that Fabian Fenk and Anton K. Feist record together but do we have to consider this project only as the continuation of what was left by the band Bodi Bill? I have to admit – I automatically assumed the music the duo had been making with Alex Stolze as a starting point for every previous note about The/Das. Probably mainly because – as I great fan – I hoped that the break-up of Bodi Bill does not mean that we will never get fresh portion of this extremely addctive ambitious pop. Maybe I was not entirely wrong; if two artists from the same band still want to work together when their parent project no longer exists, this can only mean that they see the sense in what they have been doing so far.

And this is how Freezer starts. My Made Up Spook, excellent second single promoting the album, possesses this interesting melody that was so characteristic for former Bodi Bill’s songs. However, the longer this track lasts, the less raw both vocals and music become. It turns out that this is only the prelude to what is happening next. Miami Waters, whose running time on the LP exceeds seven minutes, starts in a bit Moderat-ish manner just to make room after few moments for Fabian who sings almost with… falsetto. The song in its second part includes instrumental segments that build the tension which is exposed at the very end.

The next track is the already well-known awesome first single Parallel Worlds. With it, the duo is coming back to the tested and working recipe, but there is no reason to complain when the execution is of such high quality. In Receiver, sad yet beautiful ballad, we are faced with something which was a characteristic feature of Bodi Bill’s albums – namely a guest appearance from a female vocalist. Musical layer has been limited here to the delicate beat and the major role is played by the feelings and emotions that are so well perceptible in both heard in this song voices.

Minimalistic – that is also the way in which the next position from the tracklist starts but probably only not to wake us up too drastically from the melancholic mood that was left by Receiver because Operation Of Chance turns out to be an expressive track – there is firm vocal, growing pace and distinct melody. Interesting things can be noticed in the subsequent song. In This Place an actually disco beat is at first disrupted by snippets of destructive sound that could easily belong to some industrial techno composition. For the very last minute it bursts out to evolve into the enjoyable dancefloor-filler. It is a pity though, that this moment does not last longer.

The ending of the album brings relaxation. Last but one track – Somebody Is – once again reminds how good these two are when it comes to songwriting. The whole thing is completed with the title song which is the longest of them all (lasts for over nine minutes) and which is full of perfectly integrated experimental sounds (some of them resemble elements of The Knife’s Shaking The Habitual actually).

Having listened to all of the tracks, one obvious conclusion comes to my mind – Anton and Fabian (with the help of some friends because The/Das is now a proper band) have managed to create an excellent album without the need of repeating the ideas they developed when performing as Bodi Bill. So obviously I do not have to worry about anything as Freezer is the release that addicts as much as No More WarsNext Time or What?. Apparently, making good music is what these two musicians have in their blood. Regardless of the band’s name they are currently in.


– ‘Freezer’ by The/Das (Fabian Fenk & Anton Feist)

– release dates: 15.08.2014 (de/at/ch); 25.08.2014 (eu); 26.08.2014 (usa)

– buy: sinnbus shop, bandcamp, itunes

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Pastel Lite – Underdog

Exactly two months ago we presented Pastel Lite at the same time expressing hope that we will hear more from them in 2014. Fortunately we did not have to wait too long as their brand new song Underdog has seen the light of the day just few hours ago. But this is just the beginning of good news – the track precedes the release of an EP Etcetera which this cute Malaysian duo will publish in the not distant future.

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Presenting: Pastel Lite

We have presented artists from many different and unobvious countries like Singapore, Mexico or Argentina on OSOM before and with this entry we are adding yet another interesting place to the already impressive list – namely Malaysia. The capital city of this state turns out to be the home for the lovely duo called Pastel Lite which consists of Eff Hakim and Mohd Faliq. It is a pitty that we have bumped into their amazing music just now as they have been publishing new tracks throughout the whole past year but let’s hope that we will be able to hear more of this enjoyable electropop sound in 2014 too.

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Blood Cultures – Indian Summer

I guess it would be pretty hard to get a fresher sound than Indian Summer. The track has been published by Blood Cultures, most likely a solo artist from New Jersey, few hours ago on the SoundCloud account which has just ten (!!!) followers. But hey, let’s be honest about this – the things will change really fast for this young guy as his enjoyable debut song is extremely well produced and the vocal is really catchy. So, there are two possible scenarios – either this is some side project from an already acclaimed musician or Blood Cultures will soon become one.

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Tim & Puma Mimi – Sakana

Tim & Puma Mimi is a crazy Japanese/Swiss duo whose members met back in 2003 in Utrecht, Netherlands. And few unbelievable things have happened since then – the  pair played Skype-concerts (with Tim making live music somewhere in Europe and Mimi singing via Skype from her kitchen in Japan) and also invented the so called Frutilizer, which basically (although there is nothing basic about this) is a real cucumber that is able to produce electronic sounds. And they released few EPs and one full-length album. And they got married!

Now they live happily in Zürich, Switzerland and still make extremely mood-lifting music. Sakana, their brand new track, is a perfect example.

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