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Vir – White

As it often happens in this genre of music, you have to be patient to fully enjoy the beauty of the track. To help you understand this statement we are presenting a smashing techno song White. It evolves quite slowly but when it finally does, the listener is rewarded with an intensive beat that could be easily played at late hours during rave parties. The author is a 21-year-old producer from Milan who performs under the moniker Vir but his real name is Alvise Pirovano. And although he is now back in Italy, it was not the place where he started making music for real – just after Alvise turned 18, he moved to France and found inspiration in the city of Nantes which he describes as a wonderful place for young producers.

Pirovano is not at home for good as in 2014 he will change his living place again, this time moving to Montreal. Will this be another inspiring journey in his life?

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Johnny Crump – Take A Ride

Get ready because we are about to take a ride with Johnny Crump and one of the songs featured on his latest EP Tronic Youth. And that means definitely heavier beats than usually presented here.

The track is called Take A Ride and together with the whole EP it presents the new sound of Crump’s music. Having experience of producing turntablism or hip-hop stuff, working with big names like GZA and performing as a visual artist, recently he has drifted towards pure electronic dance music. And the effects are really convincing!

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Presenting: Pi-xl

We have not had classic electro music for a while here but this is about to change as Pi-xl comes to the stage. The man hiding behind this name is Alberto López-Niño, Spanish DJ and producer from Huelva who moved to London in 2012 and it seems that he cannot stop releasing music since then.

Last year has seen him publishing three EPs and in 2013 he has provided us with two amazing ones so far – Square Orbit and Cell Engine. The latter is the effect of collaboration with Madrid’s Weapons of Bass Destruction and here is one of the included tracks:

And below you can listen to a song called Frozen Witness which has been released on the aforementioned Square Orbit EP just few weeks ago. Excellent deep tune!

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Mondkopf – Ruins

Symphonic techno? Does something like this even exist? Yes! And Mondkopf is the master of it.

The guy hiding under this moniker is Paul Régimbeau, young Parisian who started his adventure with electronic music using simply Ejay software. Now, however, he is the expert in creating majestic orchestral techno beats that could destroy all concrete jungles in the world. Ruins, from his brand new EP The Nicest Way, is his recent weapon.

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Mikkel Metal – Fron

With a history of releasing albums/singles on Echocord and Kompakt labels, Danish DJ Mikkel Metal (real name – Mikkel Meldgaard) presents more dance-like side of his techno style in a brand new EP called Fron. Catchy!

Fron, released on Semantica Records, can be bought here.

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