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Radial – Inverso Mundi EP

Being a long-time member of an underground collective Strictly Techno back in the ’90s, Bas Mooy was one of the pioneers of the Dutch techno scene. Later on, this experienced DJ marked the beginning of the new century with an establishment of the prominent label Audio Assault in 2002 together with his friend Jeroen Liebregts, another notable producer from the Netherlands who is performing under the name Radial.  The newest project of Mooy – namely Mord Records – seems to be his solo effort but it was none other’s than Radial’s Linea Recta EP to be the first release of this Rotterdam-based label. It is clearly visible then that the partnership of these two continues to be solid therefore there is no surprise in the fact that Mord opens its catalogue for 2015 with a brand new – and fantastic for that matter – Inverso Mundi EP created by Liebregts.

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Wannes Salomé – Love Will Break Me

Not that long ago we stated that the latest Metome’s track sounds a bit like James Blake’s former songs. Now we want to share with you an amazing composition which could easily serve as the bonus track for this year’s Blake’s album Overgrown. But let’s stick to the facts – the real author is Wannes Salomé, a 23-year-old producer based in Rotterdam, and Love Will Break Me has been included in his brand new work – an EP called Hiding. The song contains vocal samples made of Wannes’ own voice and he describes it as destined for all the heartbroken people that just want to get drunk and lose themselves. Well, if you fit the description, you can check whether this works!

Bearing in mind that this is Salomé’s first ever electronic release, we should be really expecting some great stuff coming from this guy in the near future. We will keep you posted!

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