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Presenting: lishuen

Li Shuen (using simply lishuen as her moniker) is yet another talented artist from the amazing Singaporean music scene. Being just eighteen years old, she has already started producing music in 2012 which resulted in releasing a conceptual mini-album called A Respected Member of Society. It perfectly defines her primary style – experimental compositions based on piano and filled with moody vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Her more recent sound, however, has shifted towards the electronic music. Li’s latest tracks are magnificent dream pop/downtempo songs which still perfectly matches her voice and piano accents. Have a listen below and get ready to fall in love with this delicate music!

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Meeting by Chance – The One (featuring Cuushe)

It came as a surprise to me to find out about this collaboration. Two artists from distant countries, no sign of previous common activites and absolutely no info on this one (at least nothing google would be able to tell). So where the hell is the connection between Polish musician Marcin Cichy’s solo project Meeting by Chance and Japanese cutie Cuushe?

But let’s leave this question aside and focus on the music. The effect of their collaboration is a magnificent track called The One which has been published just today. The song is a dreamy composition with Cuushe’s sweet voice floating peacefully upon the relaxing beat. Deeply hypnotizing stuff. 

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Hugh – Look Back In Laughter

Not many people know this but working on Benin City’s excellent debut album was not the only Joshua Idehen’s occupation last year. He is also a part of another London-based band called Hugh which consists of Izzy Broox, Andy Highmore, Martin Kolarides and Idehen himself and 2013 has seen them releasing their first ever single Not Fair Too Far. Just one week ago they have added a brand new track to the list – a cute and light-hearted composition called Look Back In Laughter. Let’s hope we will hear more from this guys really soon!


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Klātu – Alchemy EP

Let us come back to 2013 for a moment as the monumental EP called Alchemy has seen the light of the day back at the end of December. The musician behind this atmospheric wonder is hiding under the moniker Klātu and in his new release, which is the second one in his career after 2011 debut album Mutual, he hypnotizes with dark ambient tracks that could be described as a dreamy mix of Mondkopf and Jon Hopkins. This deserves at least at much attention as the last Burial’s EP.

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HTRK – Give It Up

It happens quite often in the music industry that musicians leave their bands. The reasons differ depending on the case but all of them seem really trivial when we think about what has happened to the members of HTRK just few years ago. Sean Stewart, their bandmate, has left them for real although none of this was his choice – his unfortunate death is even more tragic considering the fact that it occured during recording of the band’s 2011 album Work (Work, Work).

After long months of sad silence, HTRK – a duo now – are back with a new song and a new album coming in the near future. Give It Up is the dreamy first single that will be featured on Psychic 9-5 Club which is set to be released in April.

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