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Lasertom – All The Time

Lasertom is a solo project of Dubliner Simon Cullen who is also a half of electronic duo Ships. The idea of working alone popped into Cullen’s head more than two years ago which lead to the release of the first tracks in 2011 and soon did he realize that the sound he was creating under this alias was a kind of slow-tempo disco and decided to concentrate on this subgenre.

The effects can be heard on the debut album Drift that has been published back at the end of October. To help you understand the concept of slow-tempo disco we are presenting a magnificent track called All The Time which features vocals from Sorca McGrath. Enjoy!

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Bufi & La Royale – Watch Out

Ready for the modern Mexican fiesta? Well, you’d better be as the sound of this joyful disco music will hit you really hard just after you click the ‘play’ button below and the guys to blame are two artists based in Mexico City. The first one is Mateo Gonzalez Bufi (simply known as Bufi) who has already been a recognized producer and remixer with his tracks being published via many different labels including a popular French imprint Kitsuné. And speaking of labels – even though the second of the artists responsible for Watch Out was born in the ’90s, has has already founded one – called Electrique Music – on his own. His real name is Alec Sander and although he has been hiding under many different aliases throughout the years, for this collaboration he used a moniker La Royale.

So, do not think twice – wear your party shoes and get ready to dance!

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Bostro Pesopeo – Cheer Up EP

Well, this is a new thing for me to find out that Florian Peter (known as Bostro Pesopeo) besides being a very good electronic music producer is also an excellent… pizza maker! But you do not have to take my word for it. If you want to check it out yourselves, you should visit Pizzeria Grano in Munich.

Now let us concentrate on music. Florian is connected to Permanent Vacation and has been releasing EPs on this German label since 2008. He is also a respected remixer, having done reworks for such big names as Peter, Bjorn and John or Metronomy. The brand new EP – Cheer Up – is a fourth one in his career and it is a collection of three tracks with catchy melodies.

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Gramme – Laugh Out Loud

It was enough for Gramme, five-piece band then, to release one single EP at the end of the ’90s to earn the status of being ‘legendary group’. The reason was their awesome and full of energy funky music. Now, over 10 years later, they are back with a full length album and equally exceptional sound.

Laugh Out Loud is one of the songs included in Fascination and it is a joyful disco track with a pulsing beat and amazing vocals. And like the title suggests – there is a lot of happiness when this track is being played!

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Little Freaky Things – Nightfall

No, it is not Kavinsky’s great hit Nightcall – finally released on a proper album at the end of February – that recently rules in our playlists, although there is only one letter of difference in the titles and the duo responsible for the track of our choice also comes from France.

But we are talking about Nightfall, a massive disco/funky song by Little Freaky Things, Parisian band consisting of Nicolas Nekmouche and Maï-Lan Chapiron. Pure joy!

Nightfall is included in an EP released just today! You can buy it here.

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