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Dany F – F

Cumbia, a characteristic music genre from Latin America countries, has been the source of inspiration for the modern electronic music artists which lead to the creation of the movement called digital cumbia. Tracks made in the spirit of this subgenre are usually joyful compositions that easily fill the dancefloors all around the world. No wonder – after all, this music can get the wildest South American fiestas going.

But it is not always like this. Sometimes, cumbia melodies are used to create more relaxing songs, in some cases possessing even deep house or techno elements. This is what Dany F, a young and talented Colombian producer, presents in his last year’s album F. The release is full of hypnotizing instrumental tracks which are enriched with tropical sounds and the typical cumbia rhythms. You will more than like it!

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Presenting: Orquesta

Orlando Fitzgerald, Dublin based DJ, producer and founder of Meles Meles label record, started working on his project called Orquesta  two years ago. Effects can be seen now.

Kokomo, amazing cover of The Beach Boys’ hit from the ’80s, is Orquesta’s breakthrough song after which you are so addicted that you start looking for more. When you do, you find some relaxing tropical compositions like Celestial or Los Rapidos. And there are many more and many more still to come.

Orquesta’s soundcloud profile where you can listen to other tracks and (in many cases) download them – here.

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