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Dany F – F

Cumbia, a characteristic music genre from Latin America countries, has been the source of inspiration for the modern electronic music artists which lead to the creation of the movement called digital cumbia. Tracks made in the spirit of this subgenre are usually joyful compositions that easily fill the dancefloors all around the world. No wonder – after all, this music can get the wildest South American fiestas going.

But it is not always like this. Sometimes, cumbia melodies are used to create more relaxing songs, in some cases possessing even deep house or techno elements. This is what Dany F, a young and talented Colombian producer, presents in his last year’s album F. The release is full of hypnotizing instrumental tracks which are enriched with tropical sounds and the typical cumbia rhythms. You will more than like it!

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Ben Pearce – Lego EP

After the success of his excellent song What I Might DoBen Pearce comes back with a new EP called Lego. The release consists of three smashing tracks which may not be as straightforwardly catchy as the aforementioned single but club DJs all around the world will welcome them with excitement – where else could they find such good dancefloor fillers?

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Niomi Eve – Sounds You Made

Exactly a month ago Crossing Lines, a compilation album from NX Records, has seen the light of a day and it brought an amazing collection of tracks created by artists associated with the particular area of London – namely New Cross and Deptford. One of the songs that impressed me the most was a beautiful contemporary ballad Sounds You Made recorded by Niomi Eve.

The artist herself describes her music as minimal love songs written on a piano, performed electronically and after listening to Sounds You Made you will find out that when Niomi says minimal she really means it – the sound is extremely delicate and humble but it does not stop the track from being packed with emotions underlined by a sensational voice.

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Vir – White

As it often happens in this genre of music, you have to be patient to fully enjoy the beauty of the track. To help you understand this statement we are presenting a smashing techno song White. It evolves quite slowly but when it finally does, the listener is rewarded with an intensive beat that could be easily played at late hours during rave parties. The author is a 21-year-old producer from Milan who performs under the moniker Vir but his real name is Alvise Pirovano. And although he is now back in Italy, it was not the place where he started making music for real – just after Alvise turned 18, he moved to France and found inspiration in the city of Nantes which he describes as a wonderful place for young producers.

Pirovano is not at home for good as in 2014 he will change his living place again, this time moving to Montreal. Will this be another inspiring journey in his life?

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Marius Drescher – Cultures

A new day brings yet another youngster who, despite being still in his teens, is ready to conquer the electronic music scene with the excellent sound of his tracks. This time we are talking about German producer Marius Drescher who was born in 1995 and currently lives in Aachen. The reason behind this fuss is his brand new EP What If which includes magnificent tech house beats and we decided to share with you one song from this release – a deep composition called Cultures that will very quickly make you dance.

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