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Moon Wheel – Eocene

Where you live determines who you become – this is what Moon Wheel says in one of the interviews so who else could he become after moving to Berlin than not an experimental techno master? The question probably remains without an answer but Germany’s capital city was not the only influence in Olle Holmberg’s life. The musician grew up in Sweden and then spent seven years in the completely different musical climate of Melbourne where he was part of an electronic group called Pissypaw.

But now he is back in Europe and has released another track just today. It is titled Eocene and presents the perfect sound of the raw techno. Exactly what we expect from Berlin’s independent artists.

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Vesicle – We Are Lost EP

Vesicle is a duo from Finland and they introduce themselves as a dubstep group but fortunately their approach to this genre of music is completely different from Skrillex’ one which is both kitsch and aggressive. They are more into deeper, darker and actually chilling areas of bass music and you can hear this mix on the EP called We Are Lost which has been just re-released through Paradise Lost Recordings.

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Huerco S. – Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning)

Huerco S. (real name: Brian Leeds) is a producer from Kansas City who just last month closed one of the crazy nights in Berlin’s legendary club Berghain with his performance  and less than two weeks ago presented his set in London’s Boiler Room. All this shows how valuable and promising Leeds’ sound is and to convince yourselves you should pre-order his debut album Colonial Patterns (here or here or wherever else you like).  From this release, which is full of atmospheric and moody tunes, we are presenting a dark techno track called Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning). 

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.gif – PSI 321

Our favorite duo .gif has changed its style. Provoked by poor environmental situation of Singapore and alarming data shown by Pollutant Standards Index, they shifted towards darker regions of electronic music. The result is a track called PSI 321 which sounds as if it was taken from The Knife’s this year’s controversial Shaking The Habitual.

The song brings unexpectedly disturbing beat and this time vocals are not as sweet as always. But even in such a surprising arrangement, .gif turns out to be a brilliant duo which just proves how talented they are.

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Emika – Dva

Although there is an obvious reason why Emika‘s brand new LP is called Dva, I would rather add one more letter to it and name it Diva as after listening to it for a whole day I have no more doubts – this lady is the true diva of electronic music.

The album brings as many as fifteen subtle tracks filled with Ema’s thrilling voice and top-quality music, this time with even more classical references in it. Get ready to drown in this ocean of emotions!

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