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Autrenoir – Nuit

Remember Mondkopf? This master of monumental and dark techno is back after last year’s album Hadès but he is not alone now – for a new project called Autrenoir he has joined forces with a fellow Frenchman Greg Buffier. This is not the first time these two cooperate as Mondkopf has already released a collaborative track Last Love which was recorded back in 2012 together with Saåad, a drone duo in which Buffier plays guitar.

Although Autrenoir have even played some gigs in the past, Nuit is their first ever officially published song. It is a deep and brain stimulating composition with majestic atmosphere that accumulates slowly towards the end of the track and eventually turns into a disturbing drone structure. To immerse fully into this dark world of instrumental electronic music, you should listen to Nuit while watching the fantastic accompanying video that has been made by As Human Pattern.

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Zamilska – Duel 35

Last time I called her the princess of this genre but with a new song Zamilska proves that she is ready to become a queen and rule the empire of techno. Duel 35, a second single from her highly-anticipated upcoming debut album Untune, is once again a magnificent dark techno track heavily enriched with bass and accompanied by disturbing visuals set together by the artist herself.

The album will be released on the 26th of May and you can pre order it here or here.

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Emika – Let’s Dance

Wow, this is amazing! Rolling Stone invited the queen of dark electronic music and our absolute favorite Emika to contribute her version of one David Bowie’s songs for the compilation prepared for this year’s big anniversary celebrations. Her choice turns out to be the big hit Let’s Dance and the effects are astonishing which just proves how extremely creative Ema is. Have a listen below:

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Zamilska – Quarrel

The stagnation on OSOM has lasted for quite too long but fortunately we are back to break this silence with a spectacularly heavy track. Quarrel, a mixture of dark industrial techno and some finest bass beats, is a loud and promising single created by talented Polish artist Zamilska. This techno-princess is going to release her debut album Untune at the end of April and if it will contain just few more songs like Quarrel, every audience will be destroyed with the power of Zamilska’s bass.

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Klātu – Alchemy EP

Let us come back to 2013 for a moment as the monumental EP called Alchemy has seen the light of the day back at the end of December. The musician behind this atmospheric wonder is hiding under the moniker Klātu and in his new release, which is the second one in his career after 2011 debut album Mutual, he hypnotizes with dark ambient tracks that could be described as a dreamy mix of Mondkopf and Jon Hopkins. This deserves at least at much attention as the last Burial’s EP.

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