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Daughn Gibson – The Sound of Law

Daughn Gibson‘s last year’s album All Hell was brilliant. In fact, it was so good that it got him signed to the legendary Sub Pop label and now he is about to release a follow up to his debut – an LP called Me Moan which will be out in June.

The Sound of Law is the track that will open the new album and it is quite different than what we could hear on All Hell. But do not worry, Gibson’s extraordinary voice is still there.

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Daughn Gibson – All Hell

Is it possible to mix rock with country and electronic music and get something that actually makes sense? Daughn Gibson, 31-year-old from Pennsylvania, shows how to do it.

After years of truck driving (hence country influences in his music) and playing drums in rock bands like Nokturnal Acid, Natal Cream or Pearls and Brass, Daughn decided to go solo. He discovered in himself amazingly deep voice and became fascinated by electronic artists like Burial or Scott Walker. The result is his debut album released this year and called All Hell.

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