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Mean Seed Records – Colours #1 EP

We did feature an act from Finland once on OSOM but actually we have never had a chance to take a closer look at the local scene. Fortunately, a ready guide through the country’s finest beats has just appeared in the form of a compilation called Colours which has been created by Mean Seed Records. No matter if it is a housey taste of Stene’s Low & Broken, catchy vocal samples on Oukawamine’s Pressure, techno sound in Dullatron’s Interloper or a heavy bass from Totrox’ When I, we are privileged to listen to the excellent tracks from the heart of icy Finland in just one release.


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Sawtuha Compilation

What else could we expect from Olof Dreijer after the release of Shaking The Habitual if not getting involved in another difficult social issue? This time, however, it is not about gender ideology or fighting against extreme wealth but the main concern is the situation of women in Arabic countries (but maybe it is all connected in some way?). To give them a chance to speak their minds, a two-week session in Tunis was organised during which nine female musicians from Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia were joined by Olof and Oddisee to record a compilation called Sawtuha. Listen to effects below:

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20 Jahre Kompakt Kollektion

2013 seems to be a year of big birthday parties. While French label Ed Banger Records is doing 10 Years Anniversary World Tour, I would rather go to Cologne and party with Michael Mayer and his mates. The reason they are celebrating is really significant – Kompakt, one of the most important techno labels, has just turned twenty!

And do not worry if you cannot make it to Germany this year. There is a great compilation on two CDs that includes some finest beats that have been released on Kompakt throughout the whole 20-year period. You will find tracks from Matias Aguayo, The Field, Gus Gus, DJ Koze, Gui Boratto and others. Pretty inviting, right?

To buy go here.

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Beryoza – Russian Ghetto Compilation Vol. 1

Russian Ghetto Compilation would not have been recorded if Vtgnike had not released his Vanity of Nothingless two years ago. With that album he created a new subgenre in Russian underground electronic scene – juke based on Soviet pop from the ’90s. Sounds crazy but actually it had a huge social meaning for some local artists and two of them – DJ Azamat and Raumskaya – decided to create Beryoza community. Then they invited producers from all over Russia to rework pop melodies from the past and give them the ghetto-music sound.

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