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Fishing – Chi Glow (featuring Marcus Whale)

Chi Glow is an extremely relaxing chillwave track with elements of tropical beats (anyone misses Orquesta as much as I do?) released by the Sydney-based duo Fishing in collaboration with Marcus Whale, vocalist of the Adelaide band Collarbones. It is the first single from their upcoming debut album Shy Glow which will come out on the 6th of June and with such smooth synths, hazy vocals and laid-back rapping (yeah, there is rapping here) we can quite safely assume that it will end up as the best soundtrack for the hot summer months.

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Slight Sound Savage – Is Art Money (Adrien De Valentin Remix)

DhARMA is an independent label founded by a pair of young lovers from Ireland who look for music that is dreamy, electronic and alternative. One of the latest artists to fulfill this requirement is a Paris-based producer Slight Sound Savage but it would be deeply unfair to use only three words to describe his new track called Is Art Music. It starts with a chillwavish melody that is shortly joined by a percussion beat to create a peaceful instrumental composition. But then, just before the third minute of the song, vocal samples appear out of nowhere to give Is Art Music the second life.

The version we are presenting below is a fantastic remix done by Slight Sound Savage’s labelmate Adrien De Valentin but do not forget to check out the original version of the track.

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mus.hiba – Magic Fizzy Drink

Japan is famous for the usage of advanced technology in almost every aspect of our lives. Music is no exception, although probably in most cases such a connection leads to kitsch pop music. Fortunately, this is not what happened to Magic Fizzy Drink.

It is a track created by mus.hiba, Tokyo-based producer who in this case used Vocaloid software. The effect is a catchy chillwave track that you will get addicted to very soon. And if you have ever wondered what would be the feeling when drinking a magic fizzy drink – this song probably describes it well.

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