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Bloodgroup – Tracing Echoes

There is a funny thing about Bloodgroup‘s newest album. I had to wait till the closing track – amazing Mysteries Undone – to be woken up, although I was far away from considering the whole tracklist as – let’s use a brutal word – boring. Did it happen because I was expecting something different? Maybe I wanted to be emotionally touched with an opening song like I was with My Arms on Dry Land (2009)? It could be the reason as the opening track on Tracing Echoes builds the atmosphere for a full minute and then suddenly dies to introduce the vocals. Since then, my attention to what this Icelandic band is offering on their brand new album was really limited.

And that was a huge mistake and fortunately I was able to realize that when Mysteries Undone exploded with music just when I thought that the album is coming to an end. Then I played the track again. And again. And finally I made myself to give Tracing Echoes a second chance. This time, however, I did not dare not to listen closely and it paid off.

Few years ago, Bloodgroup was announced to be a new sensation that could follow the successful path of the xx. They have never fulfilled this prophecy and they probably never will. But all this does not mean that their music is worse than in 2007. Tracing Echoes is fantastic.

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Bloodgroup – Fall

Bloodgroup may be considered as one of  the most underrated Icelandic bands. Few years ago, critics from all over the world compared them to The Knife and The xx and it seemed that their second album – Dry Land released in 2009 – would be a breakthrough. Unfortunately, it was not.

But who cares? Bloodgroup is still out there, still making amazing music. And third album is coming. Fall is the first single from it, published just today. Enjoy.

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