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saw u – Tactual Patterns

It takes you fifteen minutes to get to school, work or university and you do not know how to make use of this time? Here comes a ready solution – put on your best headphones and let Tactual Patterns change the commute nightmare into exciting journey to the land of techno.

The author of this captivating composition is Ross Dekker, an American artist who – besides publishing music under the moniker saw u – is also engaged in creating sound background for audiovisual projects. It is due to this latter activity that he moved to Berlin in 2013 as he was invited there by the temporary video art gallery Black Janice for the two-month residency. The musician lives in the capital of Germany until this day although initially he did not intend to stay there any longer. And who knows – maybe Ross Dekker would not be able to create such monumental raw techno track if it was not for the inspiration coming from the vibrant Berlin techno scene?

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MIKROBI.T – Berlin

MIKROBI.T is the name of a Polish band whose members try to mix electronic music with the sound of jazz which may draw the obvious comparisons to Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble or remixes of Hauschka’s work but do not let that fool you – the style of this Poznan-based collective proves to be really fresh. Their debut album called Binary Beats has been released last month and among others it features that one amazing song which particularly caught my attention. Its name is Berlin (which is enough to excite me) and it is a deadly catchy instrumental composition that I would classify as… jazzy techno? Does something like this even exist?


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Moon Wheel – Eocene

Where you live determines who you become – this is what Moon Wheel says in one of the interviews so who else could he become after moving to Berlin than not an experimental techno master? The question probably remains without an answer but Germany’s capital city was not the only influence in Olle Holmberg’s life. The musician grew up in Sweden and then spent seven years in the completely different musical climate of Melbourne where he was part of an electronic group called Pissypaw.

But now he is back in Europe and has released another track just today. It is titled Eocene and presents the perfect sound of the raw techno. Exactly what we expect from Berlin’s independent artists.

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Holly Herndon – Fade

The list of artists who got inspired by Berlin’s underground techno scene seems to be endless. Not everyone, however, was as desperate as Holly Herndon who left Johnson City, Tennessee, USA and came to Germany as a teenager to learn everything. Eventually, she returned to the States with a lot of experience and studied Electronic Music at Mills College.

Fade is one of the songs to be included in her debut EP called Movement that is going to be released next month. Extremely cool stuff.

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