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Tev’n – Solitude

The man responsible for creating Solitude mixtape is a London-based contemporary r&b producer Tev’n who has come back to business with a shorter name (he was previously known as Tev’n Kennedy) but it turns out that he will never lower his standards as far as music is concerned. Even though some tracks from this mini-album are still rather short demo versions, they are as interesting as the regular songs with the vocals from this release due to their amazingly well-produced beats. I cannot wait to see what Tev’n will come up with in 2014!


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Luxx – Walter White

For those of you who are still suffering from the fact that Breaking Bad‘s very last episode was aired a month ago, the title of this track is pretty obvious. A quick update is needed for all the others who do not have a clue what Walter White could possibly stand for – this is a name of the main character in that popular TV series which proved to be so good that it inspired Leicester-based duo LUXX (Danny Julian + Zak Bernstein) to create an amazing song. However, the title and inspiration are not the only things that connect Walter White with Breaking Bad. The samples around which the track is built come from a 1973 Darondo’s single Didn’t I which has been used in one of the episodes.

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Nuage – Simple Story

It has been a while since we last got a drum and bass track here but just today we were given a good reason to come back to this genre – an excellent song from Russian producer Nuage has been published. It is called Simple Story and will be included in the EP So Long that is set to be released on the 4th of November. Alongside with the debut album that came out back in March, this is going to be already the second release this year by this Saint Petersburg-based artist. But well, good music is always welcomed, right?

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Wannes Salomé – Love Will Break Me

Not that long ago we stated that the latest Metome’s track sounds a bit like James Blake’s former songs. Now we want to share with you an amazing composition which could easily serve as the bonus track for this year’s Blake’s album Overgrown. But let’s stick to the facts – the real author is Wannes Salomé, a 23-year-old producer based in Rotterdam, and Love Will Break Me has been included in his brand new work – an EP called Hiding. The song contains vocal samples made of Wannes’ own voice and he describes it as destined for all the heartbroken people that just want to get drunk and lose themselves. Well, if you fit the description, you can check whether this works!

Bearing in mind that this is Salomé’s first ever electronic release, we should be really expecting some great stuff coming from this guy in the near future. We will keep you posted!

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Yakamoto Kotzuga – Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses

Yakamoto Kotzuga is a musical alias of Giacomo Mazzucato, a Venice-based 19-year-old producer who debuted in May this year with an EP via Bad Panda Records. The artist has changed the label recently but his brand new release, published just last week, confirms that the quality of his dreamy beats is still the same. And by saying that I mean it is very high. From this emotional EP we are presenting to you a track that the whole thing has been named after. Lost Keys & Stolen Kisses is a romantic and minimalistic composition that is built around a repeated vocal sample. Seems straightforward but in reality it is a really splendid song.


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