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Presenting: Ashnikko

Ashnikko is a musical moniker of Ashton Casey, a girl from North Carolina who is just eighteen years old but already raps like a pro. She is currently honing her craft in Riga, Latvia (pretty unobvious place to move to from the USA, isn’t it?) and if her extreme talent will keep on evolving, this cute hip-hop-beast will achieve a lot.

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Hubert Clarke Jr – Heart/Mind EP

Heart/Mind is a brand new release from Sydney-based producer Hubert Clarke Jr who continues his journey through unexpected beats after last year’s EP called Filtered Juice. This time we can enjoy ourselves with the mixture of so many different styles that a blend they create together is hard to categorize. But who would care about the labels? Just press the play button and get ready for the sounds varying from jungle taste of the opening track to the 8-bit accents in Grow. 

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Shanaz Dorsett – Don’t Let Me

Shanaz Dorsett is a Londoner in her twenties who debuted in 2010 with an EP Above The Clouds in which she sang over the beats made by legendary DJ Premier of Gang Starr. Later on she began working with Remot and EOM, two American producers. Don’t Let Me is a soulful r&b jam that resulted from the collaboration with the latter one who provided a perfectly delicate beat which together with Dorsett’s amazing vocal performance creates a wonderful track.

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Helfer – Air Drops EP

Helfer, an Israeli singer-songwriter and producer, has an experience of being a part of electronic rock band Kitzu, folktronica group Folo and also supporting the popular hip hop act Why?. Just yesterday the artist presented an excellent debut EP called Air Drops which shows his huge potential as a solo musician. The release has been published by BLDG5 Records and it will take you on the journey through the peaceful sound, calming vocal and unexpected beats. Because as soon as you start thinking you may have heard something like this before, Helfer proves that you are completely wrong.

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Fabian Tombers – Future Romantics (featuring Morgane Hinz)

Fabian Tombers‘ newest offering – an EP called Orph – brings a collection of tracks that mix mainly techno and drone sounds which may give many unexpected results like for example a bit Mondkopf-ish taste of the excellent closing song Inteferenz. But among those instrumental compositions we get a true pearl which was born from the collaboration between Fabian and Morgane Hinz, a vocalist. This catchy track is called Future Romantics and it has a delicate uk-garage beat that creates a perfect background for Morgane’s deep voice.

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