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Lüthian – Soon

Lüthian is a rising artist from Vancouver who has been publishing tracks since last month only and the brand new one called Soon, which is his third song ever, is a real killer. Its beginning is based on the same style that previously released ambient- and chillwave-oriented compositions presented. We can also hear a female voice which is characteristic for this Canadian musician. But then the vocal becomes chopped in a way that it reminds me very much of the ending of Crystal Castles’ Violent Dreams and is also backed by a powerful and straightforward dubstep beat.

Lüthian is definitely the one to watch!

A small update: it turns out that an artist hiding behind the moniker Lüthian is a… girl. So yes, female voice is obviously a characteristic feature in her music as she takes care of both producing and singing. But this is just another reason that makes her music particularly valuable.

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Zamilska – Duel 35

Last time I called her the princess of this genre but with a new song Zamilska proves that she is ready to become a queen and rule the empire of techno. Duel 35, a second single from her highly-anticipated upcoming debut album Untune, is once again a magnificent dark techno track heavily enriched with bass and accompanied by disturbing visuals set together by the artist herself.

The album will be released on the 26th of May and you can pre order it here or here.

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Zamilska – Quarrel

The stagnation on OSOM has lasted for quite too long but fortunately we are back to break this silence with a spectacularly heavy track. Quarrel, a mixture of dark industrial techno and some finest bass beats, is a loud and promising single created by talented Polish artist Zamilska. This techno-princess is going to release her debut album Untune at the end of April and if it will contain just few more songs like Quarrel, every audience will be destroyed with the power of Zamilska’s bass.

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Moonrags – 2 Fools

Moonrags are a London-based electronic pop duo consisting of Cari and Geoff who have been charming the music blogs with lovely tracks for nearly six months now. Their brand new song is again an enjoyable composition but it does bring a slight change in style which could have been actually predicted if you had listened to their previously released track carefully enough. All My Love, published a month ago, starts with a delicate sound of a guitar but then a bashful bass enters and remains in the background till the end. In 2 Fools, however, bass plays a key role since the very first tone and the whole structure of the song is built around it. And there is also this mysterious jazzy flavour which is only enhanced by Cari’s deep voice. Really good stuff!

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Dave Eleanor – Dangerous

It may sound a little bit crazy but Dave Eleanor is already the fourth artist based in Zürich that we feature on OSoM this year. His path to electronic music, however, was unobvious yet at the same time not uncommon as before starting his current project he studied classical composition which definitely helps to achieve harmony in any genre.

Since last year Dave is a purely electronic music producer and his craft is combining bass music and elements of other styles with his own vocals. And exactly this fact – the ability to contribute his voice to the tracks – makes his sound really valuable. You can hear the effects of his work in the new song called Dangerous which precedes the release of the EP that is planned for November.

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