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Kit Pop – Move

Kit Pop is a self-taught producer from Perth whose ambition does not let him rest without doing something productive beforehand. He started his adventure with creating music over a decade ago and since then not only has he released a bunch of decent tracks and played some festivals but also founded Paper Chain label to help fellow talents from the local electronic music scene.

Just today Kit Pop has dropped a new EP called Rose Star. The release includes this amazing song Move which explores the party potential of Basement Jaxx’s hit Do Your Thing.

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Basement Jaxx – Back 2 The Wild

It has been a while since we last heard from the legendary British dance duo Basement Jaxx. In fact, their last two regular releases – albums: Scars and Zephyr – date back to 2009 so with even more joy we present to you Back 2 The Wild.

Although unfortunately this track does not mean that a new LP is coming, it is really good to hear the fresh beat from Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe. And it has always been interesting to see who is invited to sing as they have worked with many artists  (from Dizzee Rascal to Yoko Ono) throughout the years. This time vocals on the song are provided by two Korean singers – Miss Emma Lee and Baby Chay.

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DoYaThing vs. Do Your Thing

Ok, here comes a little battle between two similarly named tracks!

First one was recorded by legendary Basement Jaxx and released with the album Rooty in 2001. It features magnificent vocal part by Elliot May.

Second one is an effect of the collaboration within Converse’s 3 Artists, 1 Song campaign and was released this year. Three artists in this case means Gorillaz, James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem) and Andre 3000 and that pretty much says everything.

Can we find the winner? I doubt.

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