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Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Immunity may be the fourth full length album in the discography of Jon Hopkins but this electronic music master has been involved in many other projects throughout his long career. He started at the end of the ’90s with playing keyboards for Imogen Heap and then it all went pretty fast – he got signed to Just Music label, released his two first albums, worked with Brian Eno and ended up producing and opening for… Coldplay. Most recently Hopkins drew everyone’s attention with recording a soundtrack for the movie Monsters and releasing a collaboration album with King Creosote which gave him Mercury Prize nomination in 2011.

And having so many occupations for the past years he still managed to concentrate fully on creating Immunity, an album which turns out to be an excellent ambient/techno record. Below you can listen to the absoulte highlight of the album – Open Eye Signal. 

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Ishome – Confession

The sight of a young lady behind the DJ decks is considered by many to be really appealing and charming. For those of you who share this opinion we present amazing Mirabella Kiryanova from Russia who performs under the name Ishome.

This twenty-something-year-old girl has just released her debut album Confession which is a collection of nine peaceful tracks whose sound is hard to classify. There is a bit of ambient, techno and even some sampled choir singing. But all those things together create a perfect deep electronic music album.

Confession is out now on Fuselab. To buy go here.

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Moby & Mark Lanegan – The Lonely Night (Moby’s January 14 Remix)

Do you remember Michael Mayer’s remix of Hauschka’s song called Radar? We have something really similar for you. This time, however, it is The Lonely Night, a track that has been prepared by two great musicians of different genres – Moby and Mark Lanegan – for this year’s Record Store Day.

The version we are presenting is a wonderful melancholic rework made by Moby himself. Due to the characteristic sounds of piano, this remix resembles in some way a song Study War from Moby’s album Wait for Me (2009). If you are currently struggling with something, close your eyes, lay down and play this composition quietly.

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Alek Fin – Mull

Mull is a track from the latest Alek Fin‘s EP. It is not his debut material, as he has released a full-length album back in 2010, but it brings a slight change in the music.

The tracks are more minimalistic but few things do not change – Alek’s addictive voice and totality sounding a bit like Radiohead.

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SINNER DC – Future That Never Happened

SINNER DC reminds me very much of Tarwater. Although the music is quite different, this Geneva-based trio plays equally beautiful melancholic and atmospheric music and has also been on the scene sine last century. No matter what happens around them and what trends currently reign, both groups concentrate on the best sounds they can create.

Future That Never Happened is seventh album in their rich discography, the first one released on Mental Groove Records. It tells the story about a girl who runs away from home and if you follow the thread, the music will let you to feel all the emotions with her.

To buy the album visit: Mental Groove’s bandcamp, iTunes or juno.

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