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They’re famous. But… #12 Chuzwick Bundick

Jiaolong Records seems to be a perfect place for famous artists who have dance-oriented side projects. We mean obviously label’s owner – Dan Snaith – whose amazing album called Jiaolong has been released under the name Daphni. But he is not alone.

Toro y Moi’s Chuz Bundick also sometimes escapes from what he is famous for and uses the moniker Les Sins then. His brand new tracks – Grind and Prelims – will be published on the 18th of March but we have a chance to listen to first one now!

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They’re famous. But… #11 Moby

Moby has just finished working on the new version of one of his biggest hits Extreme Ways.

It is an orchestral version of the track and was recorded especially for the upcoming movie called The Bourne Legacy. 

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They’re famous. But… #10 Skunk Anansie

New Skunk Anansie‘s album is coming! Black Traffic will be their fifth studio album and its release is planned for Semptember.

Yesterday the first song has seen the light of the day – it is called  I Believed In You and proves that Skin with guys still know how to rock!

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They’re famous. But… #9 The Chemical Brothers

Did you know that Chemical Brothers are recording a song for the Olympics? Now you do!

They were approached to compose the official Olympic cycling theme music and the effect is track called Velodrome. It will be played over six days of Track Cycling event.

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They’re famous. But… #8 The xx

We have been fed with new songs from The xx over last few months but what we were really getting were some terribly low quality videos of them performing their new songs from the upcoming album Coexist. An album which a lot of people is waiting for as their debut made a huge impression so the interest – and demand for such videos – was quite understandable.

Today, however, we finally have something we can fairly rate – it is a studio version (so basically – the REAL one) of the opening track called Angels. Coexist was supposed to be inspired by dance music and definitely we cannot hear this in this track. Well, I will comment shortly – if you loved them before, you will definitely still love them now. But if you hated them…

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