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Top 100 tracks of 2015

End-year list with the best tracks is a must so here we go. To my surprise, there are twenty-two compositions that are longer than six minutes and one that is shorter than two minutes. There is also one remix. One artist appears three times (like Orbital in 2012) but his album as a whole was actually somehow disappointing. There is also one musician who is featured for the fourth year in a row (and it is a woman). You can check out the previous charts by clicking ‘the best of osom’ above.

Enjoy and have a happy 2016.

Top 100 tracks of 2014

It’s high time for our annual list of the best tracks of the year. There are two remixes, two new versions of previously released tracks and one cover among those 100 hits. A bit more artists than usually are featured more than once but none of them has three songs on the list (like Orbital had two years ago). If you want to check out the previous charts, just click ‘the best of osom’ above.

Happy 2015.

100. BANKS – Beggin’ For Thread

99. DAMON ALBARN – Heavy Seas Of Love

98. QT – Hey QT

97. PHARRELL – Hunter

96. ANJA SCHNEIDER – Can You Feel It (feat. Parsifal Marin)

95. DIAMOND VERSION – Were You There (feat. Neil Tennant)

94. LÜTHIAN – Soon

93. SINCE YOU – Lela Bells (feat. Ava Trilling)

92. JOE GODDARD – Endless Love (feat. Betsy)

91. 18+ – Crow

90. CHET FAKER – 1998

89. MIKROBIT – Berlin

88.  PAUL KALKBRENNER – Kruppzeug (Fritz Kalkbrenner Remix)

87. GHOST CAPSULES – Nocturn

86. CLEAN BANDIT – Mozart’s House (feat. Love Ssega)

85. GOLDEN FEATURES – Tell Me (feat. Nicole Millar)

84. CARIBOU – Can’t Do Without You

83.  HELFER – Now That You Came

82. MAS YSA – Why

81. BONAPARTE – Into The Wild

80. HTRK – Love Is Distraction

79. POLO & PAN – Coeur d’artichaut

78. KLYPP – Be

77. HUGH – Look Back In Laughter