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Presenting: lishuen

Li Shuen (using simply lishuen as her moniker) is yet another talented artist from the amazing Singaporean music scene. Being just eighteen years old, she has already started producing music in 2012 which resulted in releasing a conceptual mini-album called A Respected Member of Society. It perfectly defines her primary style – experimental compositions based on piano and filled with moody vocals and meaningful lyrics.

Her more recent sound, however, has shifted towards the electronic music. Li’s latest tracks are magnificent dream pop/downtempo songs which still perfectly matches her voice and piano accents. Have a listen below and get ready to fall in love with this delicate music!

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Presenting: Ashnikko

Ashnikko is a musical moniker of Ashton Casey, a girl from North Carolina who is just eighteen years old but already raps like a pro. She is currently honing her craft in Riga, Latvia (pretty unobvious place to move to from the USA, isn’t it?) and if her extreme talent will keep on evolving, this cute hip-hop-beast will achieve a lot.

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Presenting: Pastel Lite

We have presented artists from many different and unobvious countries like Singapore, Mexico or Argentina on OSOM before and with this entry we are adding yet another interesting place to the already impressive list – namely Malaysia. The capital city of this state turns out to be the home for the lovely duo called Pastel Lite which consists of Eff Hakim and Mohd Faliq. It is a pitty that we have bumped into their amazing music just now as they have been publishing new tracks throughout the whole past year but let’s hope that we will be able to hear more of this enjoyable electropop sound in 2014 too.

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Presenting: Leon T. Pearl

Leon T. Pearl is an extremely talented artist from London who has recently caught everyone’s attention by signing to the Method imprint. It is the label that Disclosure is strongly connected to and this duo’s status went so high after the release of their debut album that people check out everything that links to them in any way. And although Pearl’s sound is not that much into straightforward dance and uk garage music (which makes it definitely more demanding than Lawrence brothers’ one), it really deserves the same amount of attention.

So far, only three tracks are available but it will be enough for you to fall in love with this guy.

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Presenting: Pi-xl

We have not had classic electro music for a while here but this is about to change as Pi-xl comes to the stage. The man hiding behind this name is Alberto López-Niño, Spanish DJ and producer from Huelva who moved to London in 2012 and it seems that he cannot stop releasing music since then.

Last year has seen him publishing three EPs and in 2013 he has provided us with two amazing ones so far – Square Orbit and Cell Engine. The latter is the effect of collaboration with Madrid’s Weapons of Bass Destruction and here is one of the included tracks:

And below you can listen to a song called Frozen Witness which has been released on the aforementioned Square Orbit EP just few weeks ago. Excellent deep tune!

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