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Emika – Dva

Although there is an obvious reason why Emika‘s brand new LP is called Dva, I would rather add one more letter to it and name it Diva as after listening to it for a whole day I have no more doubts – this lady is the true diva of electronic music.

The album brings as many as fifteen subtle tracks filled with Ema’s thrilling voice and top-quality music, this time with even more classical references in it. Get ready to drown in this ocean of emotions!

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James Blake – Overgrown

Two years after his extremely acclaimed self-titled debut album James Blake releases the follow-up – Overgrown. And there is everything in it that he has been loved for – deep and melancholic melodies combined with the unforgetable voice. This proves that in the world full of electronic soul, Blake is still the master.

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Paul Kalkbrenner – Guten Tag

Paul Kalkbrenner will always be a special person for OSoM Music Blog. Maybe because he has been mentioned in the first ever post here as an artist usually associated with the beloved by us German techno scene, or maybe just because his music is so amazingly good. Anyway, we have another reason to share his music with you – Paul’s new album, Guten Tag, has been released few days ago.

And when the others say that throughout the years his music has become predictable and therefore boring, we call it keeping the same – very high – level of making music.

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Crystal Castles – (III)

Perfect again. Is there a need to say anything more?

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The xx – Coexist

Everything has been already said about this album. I did not expect it to be this good. Simply splendid.

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