Named ‘one of the go-to sources for new electronic and bass music from Africa and Latin America’ by London’s Sounds and Colours magazine, Basy Tropikalne is a Polish platform promoting contemporary music from the abovementioned regions. It was founded as a weekly radio show but now operates also as a netlabel, events, bookings and more.

Visit: facebook, bandcamp, soundcloud, mixcloud.


This used to be my blog called ‘Other Side of Music’ which feels pretty awkward right now. Anyway, you can still find interesting music in the old posts. Here’s the old description of what was happening on this site:

OSoM stands for ‘Other Side of Music’. This blog provides you with previously selected albums, tracks and artists. If something is mentioned here, it means it is recommended. The Internet is full of inflated reviews. We do not need that. Good music is what should matter.

We do not say bad things about music we do not like. We may be ironic about something but every sound has its faithful fans and we respect that.

We are fans of electronic music but you may find also other genres here. Because it is good music that matters, right?

12 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. onah indigo says:

    how can i submit my original music to you?

  2. hi,

    we are £’s & #’s (pounds and pounds). an electronic music duo from Year 3333.

    here is our new DANCE REMIX of ‘Russian Attractions’ by Sébastien Tellier.

    we enjoy your blog & think you will enjoy our music!
    feel free to share
    we’ll be touring in North America this Fall.

    :: End Transmission.

  3. Gibsox says:

    original music –> https://soundcloud.com/gibsox

    please tell me its bad i know it is,

  4. Joseph Nappo says:

    Hello Guys At OTHER SIDE OF MUSIC!, Hows it going?
    My name is Joseph Nappo i’m 23 and im a Melbourne based producer that is trying to get his tracks onto a good blog so people
    can Listen to them but getting your songs out there is very hard because all of a sudden everyones making music haha, My Musician name is ‘Naapo’ and i make my own sort of take on Electronic/Trance/Progressive Music that will hopefully blow your mind wide open 🙂
    i have had songs played in kiss fm and triple j unearthed and need people to hear this music, i just haven’t been that good at getting my songs out on the internet 😦 if you could maybe do a write up for an up and coming Dj and producer that would be greatly appreciated 🙂 🙂 🙂

    let me know what you think haha
    i have a soundcloud and even if the tracks aren’t your sort of thing let me know with some feedback, it would be much appreciated. if you do infact like them putting them up on your blog would be the most ultimate thing ever!!!

    thanks so much, You have no idea how much this means.

    joe 🙂

  5. Nicholas says:

    I’m a music producer from Montreal, this is an original song my group Mastoids produced for AIDA, a 19 year old very talented updcoming artist. I you like it it would be cool if u could share it.

  6. Hey, I got some cool new songs for everyone one to hear. Hope you enjoy!

  7. sandra says:

    We’d love to share Kendal Thompson’s latest single Be Mine to be your next latest indie muse. Kendal has truly embodied what it means to be a strong, independent female in the Toronto Music Scene. Only in her twenties she has grown and developed her craft, voice, and soul within the heart of Toronto’s art’s & culture scene. From playing gigs on all corners of the GTA to lugging her guitar on the subway and streetcars, Kendal has truly put her passion into the city’s core.


    link to mp3:




    Link to music video:
    Be mine:


    Contact info:

    email: info@littlenoiserecords.com / kendal@kendalthompson.com
    twitter: @kendalthompson
    website: http://WWW.KENDALTHOMPSON.COM
    youtube: http://www.youtube.com/xokendalthompsonxo
    intagram: xokendalthompsonxo


    Kendal Thompson (born in Alliston, Ontario) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer. At an early age, she began performing “I used to sing under the kitchen table but would stop as soon as I thought someone was listening or could hear. “Kendal Thompson says ?I knew then I wanted to be a performer but had to get over my stage fright which took quite some time, probably a good 5 years.”

    After moving to Toronto and establishing herself as singer-songwriter, Kendal began to shift her focus toward urban inspired pop music and first gained recognition with her debut single, Love, in 2013. Finding inspiration in her surroundings and strong pop cultural icons such as Beyoncé, Madonna, and Lauryn Hill, Kendal possesses the ability to make universal experiences feel intensely personal. “Besides being a visual person and being inspired everyday by fashion, people and art. When it comes to my music I am really inspired by other artists I look up to. What they are doing in their performance and their writing style really helps to guide and inspire me in my own music and performance.”

    From the strong and sensitive ballad “It’s Time” to the uptempo, tribal inspired rhythms of “Be Mine” Kendal continues to prove she is a capable writer and unique voice in the Canadian music industry.

    2014 is looking to be a productive year for Kendal. She released “Be Mine” in February, reinvented her live show with the help of live looping artist Nick Name, and is currently preparing to head back to the studio with producer Mike Schlosser.

    We’d be happy to supply you with additional files, links or press.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration,


  8. Check out mahhh music y’allllll… :3

  9. GypsyFingers says:

    Hey OSOM! Check out our debut album here:

  10. Sandeep Madhavan says:

    Hey guys,

    Just released a new album under The Burning Deck moniker. It’s at http://theburningdeck.bandcamp.com/album/deluge

    It’s a sound influenced by ambient, downtempo, 70s prog rock, Asian underground while assimilating elements from dub and drum n bass.

    Check it out, Put those headphones on and turn off the lights.

  11. benjackson says:

    Katja Glieson – Hot Mess Official Music Video

    For interviews & story opportunities, please contact Michelle Parimore at parimoremanagement@hotmail.com or email press@katjaglieson.com

    To watch the Hot Mess music video now, click here: http://bit.ly/katjahotmess

    Notes about ‘Hot Mess’ from Katja!

    Hot Mess is a hip hop/pop track inspired by my experiences in the music industry, as well as a celebration for everyone who loves being a HOT MESS! The lyrics are kinda performed as though I was talking to the music industry itself, but can be interpreted in any way as well. It’s kinda just whatever I was thinking at the time, especially as I contemplated the various experiences I’ve had in Hollywood so far, as well as the working class background I came from back in Australia. My dad and brother are construction workers and so that’s why I thought it would also be fun to film me using a bulldozer and excavator! To show where I came from. Shout out to Dig This in Las Vegas for letting me use your machines! Check them out here, it was really fun and they’re all really nice: http://digthisvegas.com

    My family back in Australia was also not very well off, and being originally from Germany we loved food – so there’s a bit of that in there too!

    Other than all that, my idea with the video was just to film a bunch of random stuff with the goal of making people feel totally ok about being a complete Hot Mess! No matter what. Nobody should get hate or judgement, and we all need to have fun and be silly. I was bullied a lot growing up, and nobody deserves that, and I want everyone to feel what I was never able to, that you’re loved no matter what you do or any mistakes you make! That’s all this video is about. I do a lot of silly stuff, but it also relates to the lyrics and the music industry and what some girls are expected to do to ‘get ahead’. Something I’ve never ever done or ever will do.

    You can see us performing live at LA and CAPITAL PRIDE here: http://smarturl.it/katjaLIVE

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy it! If you do, please share it with your network!

    love katja xxx

    Follow & Like:










  12. PVLMS says:

    Music Submission: PVLMS – Memories


    We’re Lexi Sacco and Frank Stevens from PVLMS in Oklahoma, two 20 year old students. We met in college and have been producing together for less than a year using Ableton software, MPD32, and APC40. This is our first single release since we dropped our debut Compassion EP.

    “Memories” is an experimental, chill vibe with a unique fast-traveling beat.
    “Memories” SC link: https://soundcloud.com/pvlms/memories-1

    Thanks for listening!
    Lexi and Frank from PVLMS

    SC: soundcloud.com/pvlms
    FB: facebook.com/hipvlms
    Twitter: twitter.com/hipvlms

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