RMBO features Morena Leraba on a new song ‘Mosabalaso’

Lesotho’s Morena Leraba – whose voice can be easily listed among Africa’s most distinctive ones – is back with yet another collaboration. Last heard on the magnificent Lua Preta’s single Quero Mais in January, this time he teamed up with RMBO, the solo outfit of Tshepang Ramoba who was one of the founding members of BLK JKS, the South African rock band. And having said that, rock is still one of the genres we haven’t heard Leraba vocals in but his agility and versatility may actually take him there one day.

1 (40 of 40).jpg

In Mozabalazo, though, Morena had to fit his verses into a pleasant kwaito-driven beat that is the basis of this debut single from RMBO who’s also preparing a new EP right now. Once again his voice added another dimension to the song itself and you should definitely pay attention to the second half of the track when Leraba bursts into his most characteristic timbre. Listen below and watch out for more from both of these guys!


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