Top 100 tracks of 2016

31st of December seems to be the perfect day to publish the end-year list with the best tracks. And 2016 was a very good year when it comes to songs and I had to deal with it while making this list. If I’m counting correctly, 48 positions are associated in one way or another with women which is good. There are are also three remixes, two names appear more than once, five tracks are longer than 10 minutes and four are shorter than 3 minutes. There is also one artist who is included for the fifth year in a row. Interesting fact – English is not included in any of the songs from the first three places.

All the best in 2017. See you here in a year!

(don’t miss everything that happened in 2016 in tropical music, another list by me)

100. YAEJI – New York 93 (Single Version)

99. SANTS – Rajada

98. JUNIOR BOYS – What You Won’t Do for Love


96. BEACON – Better or Worse

95. SEI A – Ancestors

94. VIMES – Kyra

93. SMERZ – Blessed

92. POMRAD – Knights (album version)

91. OYINDA – Never Enough

90. YUKSEK – Golden Age

89. KAYTRANADA – Bullets (feat. Little Dragon)

88. LABRADOR – Stile

87. SANTIGOLD – Can’t Get Enough Of Myself (feat. B.C)

86. YELLO – Limbo

85. ALEX SMOKE – Dust

84. SAMARIS – T3mp0

83. SHIT ROBOT – Lose Control

82. PILLOW PERSON – On Your Way

81. MNTJY – Aparentemente

80. BABYFATHER – Meditation (feat. Arca)

79. DANNY L HARLE – Ashes of Love (feat. Caroline Polachek)

78. EMIKA – Flashbacks

77. CASSIUS – Action (Feat. Cat Power & Mike D)

76. OLGA BELL – Randomness


One thought on “Top 100 tracks of 2016

  1. Kurtek says:

    Any chance for a Spotify playlist, mate?

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