Shutta – A Little (featuring Evka)

Today we had a little chat with our long time hero Shutta about his brand new song, past experiences and plans for the future.

OSOM: Hi Greg. Your new track brings quite a surprising sound. Your previous songs were rather bass-focused future garage jams whereas ‘A Little’ is a downtempo relaxing composition. How did this happen?

SHUTTA: It was based around a piece of A2 coursework I had to do where I was given poem to compose from. I was lucky for my friend to be in a studio recording her work at this time, so I got her to record some vocals from the lines in the poem. When we recorded it, it was at a BPM around 115, so I decided to try something new and more melodically based.

OSOM: This is the first time you are collaborating with a vocalist, am I right? Did you like this experience?

SHUTTA: I’ve always wanted to work with a vocalist, however it’s quite hard to get everything done in order for it to work out. I definitely enjoyed the experience, we’re looking to do another track over the summer, maybe that’ll be more bass focused.

OSOM: I must admit that Evka has a magnificent voice. That part at the end of the track has something as mighty as Florence Welch’s vocal.

SHUTTA: She really does, we used to be in a rock band called The Homesick Hustlers which is where I got to know her. Her voice has always had a pure quality to it and is powerful too.

OSOM: The Homesick Hustlers presented totally different sound from what you are doing now. What was your responsibility in that band?

SHUTTA: I was the drummer, in a way I think a lot of my influences are from playing in the band. I remember doing regular 4-6 hour practices where the majority of the time the bassist and guitarist and I would just jam together. I think there’s a lot to say about the link between acoustic and digitally made music. It’s quite hard to bring across your natural musical instincts into the digital platform, that’s a reason why I think Burial has done so well, his music is so brilliantly messy.

OSOM: How did you switch from being a drummer in a rock group to being an electronic music producer? Was it Burial’s music that pushed you towards this genre?

SHUTTA: I always produced electronically during my time in the band, I started off in fruity loops, I remember having absolutely no idea what I was doing! I’ve always appreciated acoustic music but electronic music is where I felt I best applied myself to. I remember hearing Burial’s track Endorphin 4 years ago and not really understanding it but at the same time I didn’t not like it. It grew on me and led me to discover his other music. His music didn’t push me into the genre but I would definitely say he’s an influence of mine.

OSOM: And one last question – a little bit less than a year ago you released an EP ‘Messy’. Should we expect a follow-up in the near future?

SHUTTA: Haha, I hope so! I’m in line to releasing The Hum on Future Flavour later this year along with Rotation. I plan to keep very active in producing so hopefully you’ll hear some new sounds from me.


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