November in music

Huge apologies to everyone for what has been happening (or rather for what has not been happening) here on OSOM lately. The site is managed by a pair of students who have to take care of some other important issues from time to time and during those periods there is no one who can run the business. However, there is nothing that would stop us from listening to music so fortunately we are still able to share with you a portion of good tunes that caught our ears in the past month.

Let us start with Threads, an album that has been published back in October but we are still playing it very often. It has been recorded by London-based producer Jim Coles for whom this is the debut release under the moniker Om Unit. In general the record is built around light and enjoyable drum & bass sound that sometimes evolves into really fast footwork beat (which, having in mind Coles’ previous releases under other aliases, was actually easy to predict).

Threads contains also some interesting collaborations – magnificent track Patients with Young Echo’s MC Jabu, a decent rap song Jus Sayin’ with Gone The Hero or a dark closing composition featuring spoken word performance from Charlie Dark.

We have also amazing news for the fans of Fritz Kalkbrenner’s voice! It turned out that Deetron and Fritz Kalkbrenner‘s track Bright City Lights, which we welcomed with such a joy a month ago, was just a prelude of what was coming next as far as guest vocal appearances from Fritz are concerned. This time the German artist appears on Eve, a fifth studio album of legendary duo Booka Shade. The song they have created together is called Crossing Borders and the trio have been preparing it for two years! Bearing this in mind and knowing how experienced these artists are, we can be sure that the final version of the track is a pure masterpiece. It should be also mentioned that the whole album brings top quality tracks so do not limit yourselves just to hearing Crossing Borders.

Clara Moto is yet another lady who tries to invade the male-dominated electronic music world with her own vision of the genre. In the case of this Austrian artist it means producing subtle and melancholic compositions with a dreamy vocals that throughout the years have gained recognition not only from the fans but also from such notable musicians like Jean Michel Jarre. November has seen Clara releasing her second full-length album and How We Live In Each Other is a fantastic opening track. Please be patient when you listen to it as the beat does not open fully until the third minute of the song!

Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five is a cover of Paul McCartney & Wings’ song from the ’70s that has been created by an experienced Polish rock artist Maciej Werk who performs simply under the name Werk. His solo career started only last year with the release of an album Songs That Make Sense on which interesting collaborations with Mark Lanegan, Chris Olley and a bunch of Polish musicians appear.

Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five is Werk’s brand new song which he managed to turn into a deadly catchy track with vocals that mix Tom Waits’ dignity with the mystery of Tricky’s voice.

Since we mentioned Dave Eleanor‘s single Dangerous at the beginning of October the artist has been publishing new tracks every now and then which eventually resulted in the release of Dangerous EP on the 19th of November. You can stream this collection of great bass songs below:

In the last month we also witnessed the collaboration between two young and rising Australians – a beatmaker Flume and songwriter/vocalist Chet Faker – being taken to the next level. After Left Alone, the song they have created together for Flume’s debut album, and some time spent on the tour with each other, the pair decided to prepare a proper release. This is how we get an EP called Lockjaw.

And I know what you are thinking – these two specialize in different kinds of electronic music so it is just another obvious cooperation in which beatmaker is responsible for music and ‘the singing guy’ writes lyrics and provides vocals. But fortunately this is not the truth here – Flume and Chet Faker did not choose the easy path to follow which resulted in the perfect blend of the two different styles.

Dave Jones is most often described with the use of the words like ‘pioneer’ or ‘veteran’ and all this is well deserved as for over a decade he has been creating a British underground scene by producing music under numerous aliases. And although he has been active since the ’90s, the current period seems to be the most fruitful one in his career – at least as far as full-length albums are concerned. Starting with the release of Make A Change as Maddslinky in 2010, Jones has been publishing new album each year. In 2013 it is time for the magnificent LP called Boss!

We are coming to an end with this short list and we will finish it with two amazing acts from Asia. The first one is a Japanese girl Sapphire Slows (Kinuko Hiramatsu) whose career started only two years ago but she has already received much attention from all around the world. Her debut album Allegoria was released at the beginning of November and it gathers interesting compositions that mix the sound of ’80s with the anxiety of Holly Herndon’s vocal experiments. You can stream the whole thing below:

And at the very end of the summary we are sharing with you a release that means a lot to us personally. We have stuck by this duo for the last year and now they have published the first official release. Yes, we are talking about Singaporean band .gif and we were so proud to see them evolving with every month and we are even more happy to hear that Saudade presents such a mature sound. Well done, guys!


Just a short info for all the gig lovers – OSOM has been present at the Crystal Fighters’ concert in Cracow. To enlarge and enter the gallery just click any photo you like:

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