Vir – White

As it often happens in this genre of music, you have to be patient to fully enjoy the beauty of the track. To help you understand this statement we are presenting a smashing techno song White. It evolves quite slowly but when it finally does, the listener is rewarded with an intensive beat that could be easily played at late hours during rave parties. The author is a 21-year-old producer from Milan who performs under the moniker Vir but his real name is Alvise Pirovano. And although he is now back in Italy, it was not the place where he started making music for real – just after Alvise turned 18, he moved to France and found inspiration in the city of Nantes which he describes as a wonderful place for young producers.

Pirovano is not at home for good as in 2014 he will change his living place again, this time moving to Montreal. Will this be another inspiring journey in his life?

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2 thoughts on “Vir – White

  1. Leonard says:

    I’ve listened to his music : really nice. A mixture of so many different things.. Don’t know how to qualify it with words, it’s mature, purposeful and sooo different of anything you could hear today, innovative in a way. The only advice I’ve got for you VIR is to be careful with your inspirations, you seem to have so many and it’s not good to use it all, find your own style.

    • VIR says:

      Hi Leonard, I’ve just seen your nice comment! you’re totally right saying I’ve got too many inspirations, I’m searching for my way but without being too much stucked in only one style of music, and with the time and the work I feel I’m creating little by little my personal way of expression.
      Anyway, I’ve reached 100 followers on Soundcloud! It’s a little goal that means so much for me! and for thanks everybody I’m giving away the preview of a track taken by my new EP, that will come very soon! stay tuned 😉
      Here it is the link:

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