Deetron – Bright City Lights (featuring Fritz Kalkbrenner)

We all know what happens when Fritz Kalkbrenner contributes his vocals to the fine techno beat – either we get a minimal anthem of the decade (Sky and Sand) or become addicted to the melancholy of the tune like in the case of Sascha Funke’s Now You Know in which Fritz appears at the very end of the track but that short part is still awesome enough to make you come back and wait for this moment again and again. And the list goes on – he has been also featured on the songs produced by Alexander Kowalski or Chopstick & Johnjon, not to mention the younger of the Kalkbrenner’s own compositions that include his deep voice.

History repeats itself with a brand new track that sees Fritz collaborating with another talented producer – Swiss artist Sam Geiser who is known as Deetron. With the years of experience in DJing and making music, a freshly released album Music Over Matter is just the second one in his career (which has started way back in the ’90s) but it does not mean that any of the new songs lacks something. In fact, there would not be this great atmosphere in Bright City Lights, if it were not for the excellent skills of Deetron. And if you do not necessarily fall for the majesty of  Fritz’s voice, we have good news for you – Music Over Matter brings some other amazing guest appearances, including Hercules and Love Affair or Ben Westbeech.

A short remark for the stats fanatics – yes, Deetron is a fifth Zürich resident to appear on OSoM this year.

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